Mitsubishi mini split systems have topped the charts of the most reliable HVAC systems for a long time.

Mitsubishi Electric has mastered the art of customer satisfaction. It is not difficult to see the work and thought that went into designing these mini-split systems.

If you are about to buy a Mitsubishi mini split system, you will receive great value for your money; there is no doubt. 

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It is not enough to tell you that Mitsubishi heating and cooling systems are among the best.

You will obviously ask yourself how and why?

Good for you; here at HVAC Santa Clarita, we ensure our clients get the best HVAC systems. And we go a step further to ensure the system gives you exemplary performance by offering mini split AC repair Santa Clarita. In this post we look in detail at the features of Mitsubishi ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps.

With this, we want to help you determine whether this is your best HVAC brand and which model suits you best.

Shall we get down to business?

Why Mitsubishi Mini Split Electric Ductless Systems?

Looking at the charts, it will not take time to realize that Mitsubishi is an HVAC leader.

If you are looking for mini splits that offer you the following, the answer would be Mitsubishi:

  • quiet operation,
  • durability,
  • long-lasting comfort,
  • ease of use,
  • energy efficiency.

With Mitsubishi, all indoor and outdoor units are built to last as long as you do the mini split AC Santa Clarita installation well. 

We look at Mitsubishi ductless mini split units features in detail below.

High Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishi electric mini splits have a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio of up to 33.1. This incredibly high SEER rating will 100% lower energy costs.

You, however, do not have to go with the highest SEER rating. If you have a lower upfront budget, going for one with lower heating seasonal performance factor or SEER ratings doesn’t harm. Mitsubishi mini split systems have been built to cater to everyone effectively.

If your Mitsubishi mini or furnace has reduced efficiency, get repair and maintenance services to revamp it. Search for “furnace repair Santa Clarita” to connect with HVAC technicians in your area. 

Environment Friendly

Mitsubishi states that its heating and cooling systems are made of recyclable material.

Besides, if you are keen about saving the planet, you should buy a ductless mini split that uses R-410A refrigerant. This coolant has a zero ozone depletion potential.

If you would love to reduce your carbon footprint, highly consider Mitsubishi ductless mini splits.

Better Air Quality

When looking for a mini-split system, you are looking for one that does more than just cooling or heating.

It is much better for your money if your mini split air conditioning dehumidifies or clears allergens from your air. This way, you will not have to worry about additional equipment, such as a separate dehumidifier.

Mitsubishi mini splits are fitted with anti-allergen filters that prevent the cross-flow of clean air and air with contaminants. All the air you breathe while using your system will be much cleaner and free from allergens.

Anti-allergy Filters

The electrostatic filters in the Mitsubishi indoor units serve as an enzyme catalyst. Regular central air conditioners do not come with this featureThey break down the allergen proteins and later transform them into non-allergen proteins.

If your household has people with allergic reactions, this feature would be a great way to lower the reactions.

Nano-Platinum Filter

The systems are also fitted with nanometer-sized platinum filters that deodorize air and kill bacteria that thrive in moist and humid environments.

Decent Warranty Terms

Mitsubishi heat pumps have decent warranty terms for their mini splits.

For starters, we recommend that you have your mini split installed by a certified Mitsubishi dealer to enjoy these warranty terms. You risk limiting these terms if you install your system yourself and not by a Mitsubishi licensed HVAC Santa Clarita contactors. 

If your system is installed by a professional, you will have a factory warranty for ten years for the compressor. The other parts will be covered for six years.

Depending on your local HVAC technician, you may enjoy a two-year labor warranty.

If you are Santa Clarita, feel free to contact us for Mitsubishi mini split installation services.

Multi-zone and Single Zone Heating and Cooling

Like a few other top HVAC brands, Mitsubishi has mini splits for single or multiple zoning.

If you want to cool a single-zone system, you will get one indoor and a matching outdoor unit.

However, if you would love to cool several rooms without using a ducted system, the best option would be to get one outdoor unit connected to several outdoor units.

This customization availability makes Mitsubishi mini split systems great for:

  • enclosed sunrooms,
  • hospitals and nursing homes,
  • restaurants and hotels,
  • offices,
  • churches,
  • upstairs bedrooms,
  • garages,
  • and classrooms.

Inverter Technology

The outdoor unit of these heat pumps has an inverter-controlled compressor.

This technology ensures that just enough power is consumed for cooling and heating purposes. This is one great way to lower energy costs.

Think of this inverter as the heart of your system. It works as your heart. Your heart beats precisely to keep you going. However, the speed of the heart increases when doing vigorous activity.

It is the same way the inverter compressor keeps running in the background, adjusting temperatures as needed. This activity ensures your Mitsubishi heat pump works well without consuming more than needed energy.

Reliable Heating in all Climates

If you are getting a mini-split system, you want one that will work even in extreme climates.

If your area experiences cold winters, a Mitsubishi ductless system would do a perfect job for you. First, the hyper-heating inverter feature will ensure you stay warm all day long.

With this technology, your Mitsubishi ductless heat pump will provide 100% of its heating capacity even at -13° F without needing supplementary heating.

Blue Fin Anti-Rust Coating

The Mitsubishi outdoor condenser units come with a Blue Fin anti-rust coating. This coating has been known to double or triple the lifespan of the outdoor unit.

It is even more ideal in coastal environments with higher rust and corrosion levels.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Remote Control

You can use the powerful Mr. Slim remote to control your Mitsubishi mini split.

The infrared remote control has the following features:

  • the maximum range of up to 10 meters,
  • uses 2 AAA batteries,
  • Easy to use and understand the buttons.

Cons: Room for improvement: Expensive than other HVAC Brands

Mitsubishi mini split systems are one of the best out there.

The company has continued to go above and beyond to create the best HVAC systems for residential and commercial purposes.

For this reason, their prices are slightly higher than other mini-split brands, such as Goodman or Day and Night. Yes, it is genuinely excellent quality and does not come cheap; you will have to pay for the excellent service and artistry.

This is one of the reasons many homeowners opt for other mini split brands.

Mitsubishi Ductless M-Series

Mitsubishi Electric produces ductless air conditioners and heat pumps called Mr. Slim. Mr. Slim has been the yardstick to which other mini-split systems have been compared for decades.

Mini-splits in this M-Series come with the following features:

  • Anti-allergy blue enzyme and air purifying filters to eliminate bacteria and contaminants from the air
  • variable compressor speed,
  • 3D i-see sensors that detect air movements, humidity levels and also radiant temperature, – this feature focuses on eliminating cold and hot spots within a room,
  • Uses R-410a.

Top Mitsubishi Mini Split Models

Mitsubishi FH06NA Wall-Mounted System

This mini split is one of the top Mitsubishi performing models.

Here are its specifications:

  • The SEER rating of up to 33.1,
  • HSPF of up to 13.5,
  • wall-mounted mini split systems,
  • 3d i-See Sensor,
  • Bluefin coating,
  • Econo cool feature.

Mitsubishi FH09NA Wall-Mounted System

This is another Mitsubishi wall-mounted mini-split system.

Here are some of its features:

  • The SEER rating of up to 30.5,
  • HSPF of up to 13.5,
  • Energy star certification.

Mitsubishi KJ09NA Floor-Mounted System

Consider getting this Mitsubishi mini split model if you want a floor-mounted mini split.

This model gives you either a single or multi-zone heating and cooling option.

One of its most notable features includes the H2i Hyper heating technology. This allows your system to keep its effectiveness even if the winter temperatures drop low.

Mitsubishi PLA-A12EA7 Ceiling-Cassette System

If you prefer a ceiling cassette, this Mitsubishi mini split system was created for you.

It comes with features such as:

  • SEER performance of up to 27,
  • HSPF rate of up to 13,
  • Optional 3d i-See Sensor.

We typically recommend this model for large open floor plan spaces.

Mitsubishi GL06NA Wall-Mounted System

This is for you if you are looking for a mini split that offers a serene performance.

This mini-split offers the quietest operation in the world.

Here are some of its specifications that you may want to look at:

  • R-410A refrigerant,
  • inverter compressor,
  • remote controlled,
  • multi-zone cooling and heating.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mitsubishi mini splits good?

Mitsubishi Electric makes some of the most powerful, innovative and energy-efficient ductless heating and cooling systems today. Mitsubishi mini splits will satisfy you if you are looking for a performing system.

How much is a Mitsubishi mini split?

If you are getting a single-zone mini, you should expect to pay anything from $4000 to $5000. However, if you are going for a multi-zone system, we recommend setting aside at least $20,000 for up to 8 indoor air handlers.

What is the life expectancy of Mitsubishi mini splits?

Mitsubishi ductless mini splits can last from 10 to 30 years. This is a wide gap as it heavily depends on how well you maintain your system. It may also depend on how you install your mini split system.

Also, they last longer than other mini-split brands. Most of them will only last at least half the lifespan of a Mitsubishi Electric. This goes a long way in telling you how sturdy and durable Mitsubishi heat pumps are.

How many square feet does a Mitsubishi mini split cover?

This will depend on the BTUs of the mini split system you buy.

However, the most purchased mini split systems have a 12,000 BTU. This is typically great for heating and cooling rooms of 450-550 square feet(1).

This is just an estimate that can help you decide to go higher or lower. The actual size should depend on more than the size of the room. It should also depend on other things, such as installation and exposure to direct sunlight. Be sure to work with our local HVAC technician to determine what size Mitsubishi mini split you need.

Final Thoughts on Mitsubishi Mini Split System

It is now our time to hand the ball over to you. It is now your time to make a choice.

Mitsubishi Electric makes great mini-split systems. You just have to choose the right type, size and model. With this, followed by professional installation services, you will 100% get value for your money.

If you are in Santa Clarita, contact us for Mitsubishi mini split installation or queries. We would gladly ensure you have your system at its peak performing mode; we offer 24 hour HVAC service. 

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