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You are here looking for a heating installation in Santa Clarita. If that is so, feel at home. We will take you through all the vital information about the heating services you need before installing your heating system.  Additionally, we offer top-notch gas furnace repair, gas furnace installation, and gas furnace replacement services to meet all your heating needs.

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Is it your first time installing a heating system?  Are you familiar with heat pump, furnace or AC installation processes

Or are you looking to replace your old system with an entirely new one? 

Not sure which kind of heating system is suitable for your household? 

What are the factors you should consider while shopping for heating equipment?

Time to get a heating replacement or not? 

We give you crucial information on this and much more on heating installation. Let’s go. 

Heating Installation Santa Clarita 

Without proper heating in your house, you expose people in your home to:

  • frequent colds, 
  • influenza, 
  • pneumonia, 
  • and other respiratory illnesses. 

Besides, a cold home is just an uncomfortable home. If you want a comfortable and warm house on those chilly Santa Clarita nights, you need to get a proper heating system. 

We recommend that you go for professional installation services. This way, you are sure of what you are getting. With heating systems, there are a lot of messes you can make from the installation stage. For instance, many people go for cheaper outdated, less energy-efficient brands. You can avoid these simple mistakes by working with HVAC Santa Clarita. 

Heating Installation Santa Clarita – What Kind of Heating Installation are You Getting? 

We discuss the kind of heating systems you can get for your home in detail (1). Look at these as your guide to getting more appropriate heating for you. 

Want help deciding? A professional at HVAC Santa Clarita is always ready to help you do that.  

Central Heating Installation Santa Clarita

There are several types of central heating installation you can choose from. The most popular HVAC systems that provide heating include:

  • ducted warm air systems, 
  • heat pump, 
  • furnaces, 

All these have a specific use case. And this is reason enough not to second guess about getting working with a professional. 

You will need to have an HVAC professional determine the energy efficiency ratio of these systems and what suits your house and budget best. 

Furnace Unit Installations

A furnace consists of components like:

  • burners, 
  • heat exchanger, 
  • blower,
  • controls.

An oil furnace or a new gas furnace uses an oil reserve tank or main gas line to provide heat for your home. However, many homeowners are interested in energy-efficient electric furnace installation. 

A gas furnace is also referred to as a forced-air heating system. This is because it starts when the thermostat falls below the programmed temperatures. . A gas furnace is also referred to as forced-air heating because the system ignites after the temperatures drop below the programmed temperatures. 

If you would love more information on furnace installation, feel free to contact us.

Heat Pump Unit Installation

We often recommend heat pumps for the moderate nearby Santa Clarita climate. A heat pump is several times more energy-efficient than a furnace or geothermal heating. So it will make the desition heat pump vs gas furnace easier.

The electric heat pumps move the cold air from outside the house to the inside when it is cold. The opposite happens when it is warmer. This helps save you more energy as all it does is power the movement of warm air to where it is needed, rather than generating the warm air. 

Still not sure? Read about heat pump vs air conditioner. If this is an option you are considering, feel free to talk to us. Our highly trained will take you all through it, including free estimates.

Ducted Warm Air System 

Another heating system we install is the ducted warm air system. This works by a hot water boiler heater that heats the air. The air is then transferred throughout your home through ductwork. It then exits through the walls and floor vents. 

This system can also be powered by electricity, natural gas, geothermal heating, or a heat pump. 

Heating and Furnace Replacement 

Heating replacement falls under heating installation because the process is the same. 

But, that is not even the big dilemma. Most people are stuck, “when should I replace my heating system?”

Find out below

Old and Outdated Heating Systems

First, if you have been using your heating for more than 15 years, it is time to get a replacement. This is because parts of your heating are worn out, such as the heat exchanger and heat pumps. With this, they probably result in a lot of heat loss. 

Secondly, the systems that were energy efficient 15 to 20 years ago are not energy efficient today. With new technology, heating systems with high energy efficiency are developed after a few years. Therefore, sticking to your old unit means you end up paying more and more utility bills. 

Frequent and Costly Repairs

 It is normal to need a heating repair once in a while. However, if you have to call for a major repair every other month, that is a red flag. And it is costing you more. It would be much more cost-effective to get a new system that is more effective than to keep repairing an old and outdated one. 

The new system will save you much more regarding repairs and electricity bills. 

Factors to Consider When Getting Heating Installation Santa Clarita

Many homeowners overlook the factors they need to consider and end up splashing a lot of money on systems that are not as effective (2). A heating system is an investment that may determine the comfort of your house in those cold winter nights and days. 

Therefore, you must be keen and work with professionals while getting installations done. 

 However, lucky for you, here at HVAC Santa Clarita, we give you expert advice that ensures you get a heating system with the best performance. Give us a call, and we will guide you and help you choose. And, you will get free estimates!

But before that, let’s consider the factors you should consider beforehand. 

Size Your Home vs. Heating Unit

First, you should be working on determining what system will get the work done depending on how big your house is.

No need toot want to buy a too large system for your home. You will lose money up front and even much more on the utility bills. And, you do not want to get a small system that won’t even warm your house. 

Contact us for expert advice in selecting a suitable system to keep your home warm without losing heat. 

Counter Heat Loss

You cannot precisely prevent heat loss, but you can reduce it. And in this case, you want to go strong on reducing heat loss. 

During winter, heat loss will occur through:

  • sliding doors, 
  •  regular doors, 
  •  walls, 
  • windows. 

Therefore, before installing your heating system, you want to reduce this as much as possible. And some ways to do this are to:

  • get new sealing strips around door frames, 
  • repairing and replacing threshold,
  •  filling holes

Get a professional to check if you need any of this before installing heating.

Location for Unit Installation

Where will your new system be located?

 If you go with a system that uses an indoor air handler, you must measure the area it will cover. This will ensure you get the room for future heating repairs. 

You don’t want to locate your system in an area that will hinder future heating system maintenance and repairs. 

Feel free to contact us to determine an area for your heating system. 

Heating Installation Santa Clarita Frequently Asked Questions 

The heating installation is so broad. There are a lot of systems to choose from. There are several factors to consider. And even more challenging, there is the aspect of letting go of the old heating system and replacing it with a new heating system. 

As you can see, it is more than just searching for “heating installation near me”.

 There is a lot to discuss with a professional and licensed HVAC contractor to ensure you get the best from your investment. However, we answer a few questions here and help clear the touch on what you are looking for. 

 How Much is it to Install Heat in Santa Clarita? 

That would entirely depend on other factors. The First would be the size of your house. Secondly, it would be the kind of heating system you are getting. 

However, no matter the type of heating you use, the prices of heating in Santa Clarita often vary from $4,000 to around $15,000

 Can I Install Heating on my Own? 

 In this age of DIY, it is certainly possible to do it. However, with the complex nature of heating systems, we highly recommend that you get a certified HVAC professional to get it done for you. This way, you will have it safely installed and properly running. You do not want to take risks if you are unsure of what you are doing. 

Why is Furnace Installation so Expensive? 

 They cost higher because you are paying for a long-term investment. The last 15-20 years. And for a machine to serve you that long, you will have to pay some good money. 

Final Word on Heating Installation Santa Clarita

Time to call it a wrap for heating installation in Santa Clarita. If you want to forget about the cold Santa Clarita nights, we will be glad to do the heating installation. And, it is as simple as just giving us a call. You will get all the crucial information and even have a professional help you choose the most effective heating system. Someone is always ready to discuss your heating installation needs here at HVAC Santa Clarita. What more can you ask for? Go ahead of us that call today. 

 Heating Installation Santa Clarita – Why Us?


We stayed in our Santa Clarita house for five years with no heating. It got chilly sometimes, but we never planned on getting heating. However, with the birth of our first baby, we knew that we had to get our house warm and cozy. We got a heating Installation from HVAC Santa Clarita, and we were incredibly amazed by the service. And to say that our house is cozy for our baby would be an understatement.

Ken, Spa Owner

We sometimes need to stay up late working on clients’ files and getting ready for court in our law firm. The late nights were cold as our office had no heating, not anymore, with our heating installed by HVAC Santa Clarita. Now work is more comfortable and the office is cozier. I highly recommend this service. 

Austin, Attorney 

We bought a house with an old heating system that was so outdated and less energy efficient. Our realtor recommended HVAC Santa Clarita to us. We got a new heating installation, and we love the service. And most importantly, the functioning of the heating system has been smooth. 

Jeremy, Chef

We had had our previous heating system for 13 years. And it had served us well. But, in the last year, before we decided it was time for a replacement, we were spending so much on heating repairs. It was not just it. We bumped into HVAC Santa Clarita in our search for solutions. Long story short, HVAC Santa Clarita contractors were a superb decision. My entire household is happy..

Alexa, Massage Therapist

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