Are you looking to get a ceiling mount mini split?

From our experience offering AC repair Santa Clarita, we can tell you that a ceiling cassette is one of the greatest purchases you can make. 

If you have been looking for indoor unit styles, you must have come across this type.

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Before purchasing it, you sure want to know more about it.

How does it work?

What are its pros and cons?

Are ceiling-mounted systems suitable for your house and cooling needs?

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Now, read on as we look deeper into this type of mini split.

What is a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner?

A ceiling air conditioner is a type of ductless air conditioner that is installed on the ceiling. A small part of it can be seen as a ceiling-suspended unit. 

The central part of it will go behind the ceilings.

Additionally, conduits, cables and wires that connect the indoor and outdoor unit hide within the ceiling.

The indoor unit is responsible for air distribution in the room. On the other hand, the outdoor unit is responsible for eliminating heat to the exterior space and can be located on the exterior wall.

What are the Benefits of Ceiling Cassettes Air Conditioners?

With a ceiling mount mini split, you can enjoy the benefits of ductless systems.

However, you will enjoy additional benefits when choosing a ceiling cassette over a wall unit air conditioner.

These are some of the top reasons you may want to go for a ceiling unit:

  • They are great for aesthetics. A significant part of them is hidden in the ceiling void. The small suspended part easily camouflages with the ceiling and your room’s aesthetics. Therefore, a ceiling cassette could easily match up if you want a cooling option that won’t stand out terribly like a sore thumb.
  • They are an excellent cooling option for larger spaces. First, they are typically placed in a central position, making it easier to distribute air throughout the room. It becomes difficult for a wall air conditioner to distribute the conditioned air to the other end of the room.
  • They are a powerful cooling component. Ceiling cassettes let out four streams of air-headed in all directions. This way, you will feel the outcome of the system quickly, from whatever side of the room.
  • Less noisy. They are a bit further from the people high up on the ceiling. You will, therefore, have no noise issues. This is why it is more suitable for offices and boardrooms.
  • They allow you to maximize livable space. If you choose a floor-mounted mini split, you will have to create room and move things out of its direction to create a way for airflow. The same applies to wall units. Going for ceiling cassettes will allow you to use your floors and wall spaces to the maximum.

Is a Ceiling Cassette Aircon Energy-Efficient?

You already know that hot air rises and cold air falls. This is why ceiling cassettes are more energy efficient than floor and wall air conditioners(1).

With a ceiling cassette, you will enjoy reasonable air distribution as the cool air will fall from the ceiling.

Secondly, some brands such as Mitsubishi ceiling mount mini split, come with the following great agents of energy efficiency:

  • programmable thermostats,
  • Variable fan speed.

Ceiling cassettes use minimal power to give the most output in large spaces. In short, they are one of the best ways to conserve energy at home.

Cons of Ceiling Cassettes

Cassette indoor air conditioners are more suitable for larger spaces. You need ample ceiling space to install the unit. This is why it is a common cooling option for:

  • spacious board rooms,
  • large lecture halls,
  • warehouses,
  • retail stores,
  • large living rooms.

They have four outlets that distribute air throughout the room. There needs to be adequate unobstructed ceiling space for the outlets to work effectively.

Secondly, only a professional should install a ceiling mount mini split. This may come as a disadvantage to DIY lovers. And only a professional should perform maintenance services. Their location can be limiting and dangerous for you to access. They also come with beams, another reason you should let a professional do the job.

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Thirdly, they are typically more expensive than wall and floor units of the same size and capacity. But it is easy to see why they are expensive; they are powerful and let out a four-way flow of conditioned air.

Their maintenance and repairs will most likely be expensive too. You may need to call a professional for all maintenance and repairs.

Furthermore, they may not be suitable for spaces such as sunrooms. Yes, ceiling ductless mini splits for sunrooms are a thing. But the installation and even the functioning can be problematic if not well-done.

Maintenance Tips for Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Your ceiling air conditioners need to be cleaned like a wall or floor-mounted unit.

Also, remember that a ductless mini split has two parts; the indoor and the outdoor unit. Maintain and clean both of them for optimal performance.

Change your air filters at least once every three months. If you have trouble accessing the filters, contact an HVAC contractor for professional help.

Also, always watch out for any weird noises or leaks from your system. If the noise from your air handler is audible, it is time to call for a professional check-up.

Considerations when installing a ceiling Mini Split Units

How you install your ceiling-mounted mini split will significantly affect how it works.

Before even purchasing it, you need to ensure that you have enough space on your ceiling. These systems often measure at least 22.5 by 22.5 inches or larger. Therefore, you must ensure that the rafters are at least 22.5 inches apart.

Also, ensure that the units installation can happen without additional structural components or other appliances obstructing airflow.

Besides ensuring enough space, the air handler must be far from instruments that may give a false impression of temperatures. You do not want to send false readings to your thermostat.

Also, it is ideal to have the place well-insulated to prevent condensation issues which may result in mold growth.

Installing a ceiling cassette is not something you DIY. A professional has to come on-site and help determine the best place for it and do the AC installation themselves.

Also, because a ceiling has joists and beams, you want to ensure that an expert does the work.

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Ceiling Mount Mini Split Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mini split be mounted on the ceiling?

You can get a ceiling mount mini split and install it on a ceiling. Depending on your cooling needs, you can go for one that is entirely in the ceiling or those that are slightly suspended from the ceiling.

The recessing unit is what is commonly called a cassette.

How does a ceiling cassette mini split work?

For starters, they have two systems, the indoor and the outdoor units.

Their working principle is like a wall or floor-mounted mini split.

The indoor air handler on the ceiling distributes cool air throughout the living space. Depending on your cassette unit, the system can distribute air through the unit’s two, three or four sides.

The outdoor unit will dispense heat from the refrigerant to the exterior environment.

What is a ceiling cassette?

These are the air handler part of the cooling system. They come in a slender and sleek design to suit the joints of the ceiling.

Are cassette air conditioners good?

They are an excellent cooling option, thanks to their many benefits. Some of the reasons you may want to go for ceiling cassettes are that they:

  • Produce a steady flow of air over a large area,
  • Are extremely quiet when in operation, causing minimum disruption,
  • Come in slim and lightweight designs,
  • Cost-effective to operate,
  • and come in different models such as those with multi-directional airflow,
  • Programmable and energy-efficient,
  • It can be controlled remotely.

How Much are Ceiling Cassettes

Generally, a ceiling cassette is more expensive than a wall and floor mount system.

The installation cost is also higher. This is one reason people opt for DIY ductless mini split installation.

The cost will significantly depend on the size and cooling capacity of the unit.

The cost of buying will range from $1500 to over $10,000.

Since mini splits are typically used sed in house additions such as sunrooms, many people may opt for fans as a way of escaping the high ceiling cassette costs. If this is you, be sure to read the fan vs air conditioner guide before making a decision.

Why are air conditioners placed above head level?

Wall-mounted and ceiling cassettes are placed above head level to allow for proper distribution of airflow. Remember that cool air is denser and will move downwards to the people.

Final Thoughts on Ceiling Mounted Mini Split Systems

A ceiling mount mini split is a great way to go, especially if you want to cool an ample space.

However, it would be ideal to have an HVAC technician on-site to analyze your ceiling space before getting them. It will be very cost ineffective to install a ceiling cassette in an unsuitable space.

Feel free to call HVAC Santa Clarita for ceiling mount mini split installation, repairs and maintenance. We pride ourselves in making sure homeowners have the best functioning HVAC systems.

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