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HVAC Woodland Hills is a great way to ensure you always have properly functioning AC and heating systems. 

This is not just about the comfort and coziness that comes with optimally functioning cooling and heating systems; of course, this is the most crucial factor to consider. However, our services aim to save you money in terms of keeping the system in good condition. These are services that will optimize energy consumption, prevent breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of the systems. 

If you are wondering about our service areas, we serve the whole of San Fernando Valley, with Woodland Hills as one of our focus neighborhoods.

Dear Woodland Hills resident, if you would love to stay comfortable while keeping your pocket happy, HVAC Santa Clarita services were designed with you in mind. 

Read on as we look at services. 

 Air Conditioning Service Woodland Hills

 If you have been looking for the “best AC company near me”, we are the people to contact. We offer all AC services on all kinds of air conditioning units. We have you covered whether you have a ductless mini split or a central AC system. If you are worried about accessing remotely located systems such as those on the roof, ceiling or basement, we would gladly and professionally do it for you. 

We are a top AC company in Woodland Hills that would be glad to offer you all the air conditioning services your system needs. If you type “Air Conditioning Santa Clarita,” you will see that Woodland Hills is one of the top areas we service.

AC Repair Woodland Hills 

 Our AC repair Santa Clarita service is meant to restore any faults in your system, whether big or small. 

 There may be big problems in the AC system, such as short cycling or the unit not turning on. Minor problems may look like AC making weird noises such as hisses and buzzes or emitting weird smells. Whether small or huge, you need to get instant help

 If you are in Woodland Hills, contact us for air conditioner repair the moment you notice any issue, however minor. Remember that small problems quickly graduate to bigger and complex-to-fix problems.  

AC Installation Woodland Hills

HVAC Santa Clarita does all types of AC installation in Woodland Hills. Whether you are looking for a ductless mini split or a central HVAC, our professional technicians will do the job for you. We love to give our clients value for what they pay for; we, therefore, do not stop at the installation bit. We help register your system with the manufacturer and ensure the warranty adequately covers you. 

Contact us today for AC replacement or installation services in Woodland Hills. 

Woodland Hills Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our AC maintenance services guarantee you the following:

  • Smoothly functioning AC systems with lowered risks of breakdowns, 
  • Clean and adequately functioning moving parts, 
  • Fast and efficient cooling process, 
  • Lowered energy consumption, 
  • Longer lifespan, 
  •  Cleaner air quality. 

Who would not like these benefits that come with maintenance services? Feel free to reach out to us for AC maintenance Woodland Hills services. 

Emergency AC Repair Woodland Hills

It is common for air conditioners to break down at the peak of the cooling season. With the pressure put on AC units in the peak of summer, many give in, primarily if they are not maintained well. 

 Call us immediately if your system breaks down, no matter the time or day. Do not suffer in the heat when you can use our 24/7 air conditioning emergency repair service. 

Ductless Mini Splits 

 If you are looking for zoned cooling and heating in Woodland Hills, please contact us for a ductless AC install

 If you already have the system installed, we are the right technicians for repair and maintenance services. 

Zoned cooling and heating is a great way to save energy and elevate your comfort. However, you will be better set for the benefits if you take great care of the system. 

Feel free to use our ductless mini-split service in Woodland Hills to get your systems to give you nothing but the best. 

Heating Service in Woodland Hills

 HVAC Santa Clarita offers heating services that will ensure you stay comfortable even in the harshest winters. 

Contact us today if you need any furnace service including installation, repairs and maintenance. Our happiness is seeing our clients return to their houses’ coziness in winter. 

 Reach out to us for our heating Santa Clarita services in Woodland Hills. 

Heating Repair Services Woodland Hills

Our heating repair services will fix your heating system if it is a breakdown or if they show any signs of faultiness. 

We advise our clients to immediately repair a furnace before they face a breakdown. Contact us for heating repair services as soon as you notice something is wrong, and we will be on-site to fix the system. 

 We fix all kinds of furnaces from oil, gas, to electric. It doesn’t matter where your furnace is located; whether you have an attic furnace or one in the ceiling, basement or crawlspace, we will  fix it for you. Gas furnace repair Santa Clarita is there for all areas!

Woodland Hills Heating Installation 

Our heating installation service aims to ensure all Woodland Hills residents have a properly functioning system for the cold season. Do not take the torture of facing winter without a heating system in place; let us do the heating furnaces replacement or installation for you. 

We install various furnaces such as oil, gas (gas furnace installation )or electric. We would be happy to help you make your winters more bearable.

Woodland Hills Heating Maintenance

It is no lie that furnaces are overwhelmed in winter when used almost daily. If your system is in excellent condition, you can expect it to sustain you comfortably all winter. 

The only way to ensure your furnace sustains you all through winter is to have it serviced before the start of the heating season. 

 Let us help you have an easy time with your furnace, contact us today for annual furnace maintenance services in Woodland Hills. 

Heat Pump Installation Woodland Hills

If you are looking for any heat pump services Woodland Hills, we are the right technicians to work with.  We are reliable heat pump installers in Woodland Hills, if you are looking to acquire a new heat pump. 

On the other side, our heat pump repair and maintenance services keep your system in perfect working condition all year. 

Air Ductwork

Do not be among the many homeowners who overlook their ductwork and solely focus on the air conditioner or heating systems. The air ducts will only deliver conditioned air properly if they are in excellent working conditions. 

Our HVAC ductwork services in Woodland Hills include air duct cleaning to ensure the quality of conditioned air is top. 

Furthermore, our air duct services tend to the general health of the HVAC system as it saves it from dust accumulation and wear and tear. 

Simply put, our air duct services ensure you get the best air quality while simultaneously taking care of your AC unit. 

Air Duct Replacement Woodland Hills

 One sure way to ensure your HVAC system is functioning well is to have functional ductwork. If the duct is worn out, you can be sure that the air conditioning process will not be as effective. 

Our AC duct replacement services are designed to ensure all homeowners have ducts that are in excellent condition. We come on-site, and diagnose them to see whether they can be repaired, cleaned or sealed. However, if they are worn out beyond repair, we will recommend replacement and get the service done. 

Air Duct Sealing Woodland Hills

One of the worst HVAC nightmares is duct leakages. Duct leakages come with issues that rapidly kill your HVAC system, increase your energy bills, and deliver poor-quality air. 

Do not expose your system and household to such conditions; contact us for air conditioning duct sealing services. We will fill your network’s holes, gaps and disconnections to ensure the cooling and heating processes operate smoothly. 


There is no compromising on a properly functioning thermostat; everyone should have it. There is no way your HVAC system will function well if you have a faulty thermostat. 

 Contact HVAC Santa Clarita today for all HVAC thermostat services including repairs and upgrading services. 

Woodland Hills Commercial HVAC

Properly functioning HVAC systems are not just a preserve for residential places. Our commercial HVAC services ensure people are also comfortable in their workplaces. We also make your clients comfortable when they visit your business. Contact us today for commercial AC repair, installation and maintenance services in Woodland Hills. 

Brands We Work With 

HVAC Santa Clarita is a certified dealer of some top HVAC brands. Contact us for the best deals and services of the following brands we deal in:

  • LG, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  •  Day & Night, 
  •  Goodman. 

We, however, also offer general HVAC services for all the other HVAC brands. Feel free to contact us for repair, maintenance and installation services of the following:

  • Rheem, 
  • Ruud, 
  • Daikin, 
  •  Lennox, 
  • Amana, 
  • American Standard, 
  • Bryant, 
  • Carrier. 
five stars google reviews for HVAC Santa Clarita company


This is the third year getting all our air conditioning services from HVAC Santa Clarita. With them, we have had the smoothest functioning AC unit. I am lucky to have found them. 

Abel, Stock Photographer. 

We took a gamble getting AC repair from this AC company which popped up on our internet searches. Luckily, we got all the odds right. These guys fixed our faulty AC unit so well that we are no longer experiencing problems that had stuck with us for ages. 

 Bradley, Fashion Model. 

It’s been over a year since we got our AC unit installed by HVAC Santa Clarita. We got more value for our money. Thanks for the excellent service guys. . 

Carl, Pharmacist. 

We got air conditioning maintenance service from this company just before the start of summer. Last summer was hands down the most comfortable indoor summer we had. We are grateful for the excellent service HVAC Santa Clarita. 

Armstrong, Nurse. 

One summer evening, our AC got so loud. The screeching noise was so loud we got complaints from neighbors. We tried fixing it but to no avail. Luckily, one of the neighbors called HVAC Santa Clarita who  instantly fixed the system. We are happy with this service.

Raul, Restaurant Owner. 

We just got a ductless mini-split for our living room. Your ductless mini split installation services were so excellent, HVAC Santa Clarita. I recommend your services any day to anyone. 

David, Truck Driver. 

We have always gotten our heating services from HVAC Santa Clarita. They have been serving us for over a decade. For that long, we have had no complaints at all. I am so happy to have found them when we moved to Woodland Hills. 

Jamal, Optician. 

We recently contacted HVAC Santa Clarita to repair our broken-down furnace. They did an exemplary job which we are appreciative of. 

More Testimonials

Lydia, Counseling Psychologist. 

This is the second time we got heating maintenance services from this company. We would have gotten them more if we knew how transformative heating maintenance was. I am so happy about how excellent this service is. 

Joan, High School Teacher. 

We just got our furnace installed by HVAC Santa Clarita. We have used it for a few fall days, and it has been good. This is a service I would be using again. 

Peter, Railroad Engineer. 

This company has done all our ductwork services for so long. I recommend them to anyone any day because their service is top-tier. 

Selena, Human Resource Manager. 

These technicians did a duct replacement service for me when I moved to my new home. These guys are great at what they do. They did a neat job and gave me value for my money. I would hire them for AC services again. 

Angela, Advocate.

After months of substandard AC operation, we decided to get a professional system diagnosis from HVAC Santa Clarita. It turned out we had severe duct leakages. They did a duct seal for us, and a month later, the changes in the operation were very apparent. Thanks, HVAC Santa Clarita. 

Emily, Nurse. 

We just got a thermostat upgrade from HVAC Santa Clarita. They were so professional and resourceful. I cannot wait to see what the new smart thermostat holds for our air conditioning system. 

Jade, Accountant. 

We got a commercial HVAC installation for our building that hosts offices for different businesses. HVAC Santa Clarita did an excellent installation job, and the system now efficiently serves over ten offices. I am grateful for the exemplary service. 

Lawrence, Realtor.

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