Solar AC – The Alternative to Conventional Cooling Systems

Solar AC is considered one of the newer air conditioner services.

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Are you among the many people now considering investing in solar AC?

So, what exactly is a solar-powered air conditioner? How does it work? Should you or should you not get it? This article focuses on the entry of solar power into air conditioning. 

In short, we give you all the details you need about solar-powered air conditioning. And explain how it is one of the ways to conserve energy at home

Shall we get straight to business? 

What is a Solar AC? 

what is solar air conditioner

A solar AC is a variable-speed heat pump cooling unit that functions directly from the photovoltaic panels’ current, which is powered by the sun. 

This is to means that it uses the DC power directly. And it does so without power loss and comes with an AC_DC inverter.

Read below to understand the functioning of DC(direct current solar air conditioners) and AC(alternating solar air conditioners)

Types of Solar-Powered Air Conditioners

There are several types of solar-powered air conditioners. And this is usually the main trouble for people looking to switch from electricity to solar AC. 

types of solar powered air conditioners

 Here at HVAC Santa Clarita, we advise our readers to look at the general types of AC before narrowing them down to specific brands. This will help you understand solar technology in air conditioning. 

We discuss the three main types of solar-powered below:

  • DC solar air conditioners: Direct current solar AC utilizes the power directly from the photovoltaic panels. These systems do not need an inverter to change the power to an alternating current. They, therefore, have optimal off-grid applications. 
  • AC Solar air conditioners: alternating current solar air conditioners are designed to work with your home’s existing power grids. The DC is converted into AC, which powers the solar-powered air conditioner. And this can be used on an electrical grid. 
  • Hybrid solar air conditioner: This combines solar power and electricity to lower your home’s cooling bills. In this setup, the electricity powers the unit’s fan, while solar energy powers the compressor. 

Remember that the AC and DC refer to the directions in which the energy flows. DC flows only in one direction, while AC often changes direction. 

How Do Solar Powered Air conditioners work? 

Our straightforward answer would be, just like conventional air conditioning. It eliminates heat out of your space and in turn, cools your indoors. 

The main difference is that solar-powered air conditioners use renewable energy, and solar power. But how exactly does this happen? 

They use photovoltaic panels, also called solar cells. The solar panels then convert the sunlight energy into electricity, which is used to power the solar AC systems.

 Simply put, solar panels convert solar energy into electricity that facilitates the running of your air conditioning system. 

How Many Solar panels do you Need To Power Your Solar AC?  

This is one vital factor every homeowner should consider before getting their solar AC. Unfortunately, many people overlook this until it is time to install. 

First things first, the number of solar panels will determine how cool your house will be. Yes, how many solar panels you need depends on your actual conditioning unit and how much energy in terms of watts it needs. 

For instance, if you are getting 100-watt solar-powered air conditioning, you will need 1-5 solar panels. However, many of the solar-powered air conditioners need about 1200 watts, and with this, five panels would be refined. However, a central solar-powered AC would need more energy to run – 3,000 to 5,000 watts.

Simply put, how many panels you get will depend on your cooling needs. You will need more solar panels if you have an extensive cooling system.

Should You Switch to Solar Powered Air Conditioning? 

Usually, an air conditioning or an HVAC system eliminates heat indoors. It does so through cooling and re-circulation of air. With this, hot air and moisture are removed from the inside of your house. 

Solar-powered air conditioners do precisely the same. But without escalating your electricity bills. Yes, conventional air conditioners can drive the utility bills above the ceiling, especially during summer.  

The US Energy Information Administration notes that AC contributes to 12% of home energy costs on average. And this can go up to 27% in hot and humid areas. 

Who wouldn’t want to lower these costs? 

Well, lowering the energy bills is one of the reasons people choose to use solar power for their air conditioning. 

However, we also recommend solar air conditioning to save the planet. Conventional air conditioners release a carbon footprint. They are an environmental menace as they contribute to air pollution, especially in the hotter regions. Therefore, if you would love to save the planet, one way to do that is to get a solar air conditioner. 

Are there any more reasons you should get a solar-powered AC system? Check out the pros and cons below. 

Pros of Solar Powered AC Unit 

Whether you are getting a DC solar air conditioner, AC or a hybrid solar air conditioner, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • lower monthly utilities, 
  • a hand in reducing air pollution. 

However, with a DC air conditioning unit, you will enjoy the following pros:

  • Does not need an inverter as it can be used as a standalone, 
  • You can use it off-grid. 

For an AC solar air conditioning unit, you will love that:

  • It works well with your existing power grids. 

When you get hybrid solar-powered AC Units, you will appreciate that:

  • You don’t need a battery, for it is supplemented with grid power supply
  • it saves you a lot of money as you won’t install a whole energy system

Cons of Solar Air conditioners

We discuss the downsides of each solar-powered air conditioner below. Check them out. 

DC power air conditioner:

  • You need an inverter to connect it to home energy, 
  • You need a battery to store energy for night-time cooling or when there is insufficient sunlight. 

AC Power solar air conditioner:

  • You will always need an inverter with this one. 

Hybrid solar air conditioners:

  • costly than the above two options, 
  • limits how many appliances you run at the same time. 

Are Solar AC Effective? 

solar ac is effective for lowering bills

Surprisingly, yes. They work as effectively as conventional AC units. This is, however, when the solar panels collect enough sunlight to power the system. And, this is on sunny days. But the brighter side of this is that you won’t need your AC as much unless it is on those hot sunny days. 

However, you can save up energy for the cloudy days when the sun’s energy is lower with a battery bank. The batteries are charged for one day with excess solar energy. 

Simply put, you will enjoy perfect air conditioning on sunny days. And with a battery bank, the same will also be true on cloudy days. 

How Much Can I Save with a Solar AC System?

The truth is, many people are looking to get solar AC to lower their electrical energy consumption. Yes, the utility bills can be crazy with conventional AC, especially if you must always have it on. 

Now that the costs are essential here, it would be unjust to ignore this. 

First things first, installing a solar air conditioner can be expensive. At first, it comes out as cheap because you are going the clean energy direction, and solar energy is free, right? Wrong. The cost of solar panels, inverters, wiring and batteries can be high. 

However, the cost of all this will get in line as the monthly utility bills will go lower and lower. And with this, your goal of lower monthly bills will have been taken care of. 

Get Solar AC installation. 

A lot of people are going to the solar AC unit. And it is no secret; the change is here. AC installation, as well as AC Repair, are becoming different.

You may, however, ask why it took that long. Has solar energy always been here? Why are there not many people already using it? 

Well, there were many doubts about their effectiveness. However, with the many changes and advancements in solar energy AC systems, we assure you that they are as reliable as any conventional air conditioner. 

Whether you want to join the clean energy movement or save by using solar electricity, you will be glad to work with HVAC Santa Clarita

Reach out today to consult about:

  • Solar AC units suitable for you, 
  • Types of solar units, 
  •  Solar AC installation and AC maintenance

We will gladly hold your hand in this transition to green energy. 

Solar Powered AC Units Frequently Asked Questions 

solar air conditioner frequently asked questions

The use of solar energy for air conditioning is something new to many people. The concept may not be exactly new, but many people now embrace it. And many people still have questions about them. 

We answer some frequently asked questions we receive below. We hope these will be useful in your transition journey. 

Can AC be run on solar?

Yes, you can run your AC on entirely solar energy. You can, however, complement it with electricity if you choose to. You need to know that solar AC will work perfectly on those sunny days. And, these are the days that you need the air conditioning unit running after all. However, with a battery-saving up your solar energy, you can have power for your AC on rainy days. 

How much does a solar AC cost?

This will depend on how many panels you need to power your AC. It is, therefore, difficult to give a definite figure. However, in most cases, many people spend $6,000 to $15,000. The upfront and AC installation costs may be high, but the lower monthly bills will make everything worthwhile. 

Are solar air conditioners any good?

Solar AC is worth every coin. First, solar power is free, making it an excellent option to power your air conditioner. Besides, they work as well as any conventional AC. You will have cool and fresh air and lower electricity bills. 

How does a solar AC work? 

The solar panels collect solar power from the sun’s rays. The solar energy is converted to electric energy, running the AC system. The unit may also come with a battery that helps collect and save energy 

for when it is not sunny. 

Final Thoughts

Big up, dear reader, for coming this far. That there was to help you see whether solar air conditioning is something you consider. Solar-powered air conditioners have proven to be as good as conventional AC. And, we encourage our readers to go that way. 

However, if you are not sure of that move yet, or you still have doubts, feel free to contact us at HVAC Santa Clarita. We will put you in touch with HVAC professionals who will break down the details. 

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