Are you looking for a mini split AC repair? We are glad you are here because we can fix that for you.

One reason people go for a ductless mini-split system is its energy efficiency. Another good reason people consider ductless mini-split ac units is to forget about the issues with ductwork.

However, just because you will not have issues with ductwork does not mean it will be smooth all through. One hot summer day, you may wake up, and your ductless system is not cooling the house.

Or you notice that the system is malfunctioning for one reason or another.

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What do you do on such occasions? Of course, you call for ductless mini-split repair. But is there something you can do before you call for repair?

Find out below as we analyze the problems that affect ductless mini-split systems and how you can fix them.

When Should You Call for Mini Split Air Conditioner Repair

One sure sign you need AC repair services is when the system is not cooling. Also, when the indoor air quality deteriorates despite the system running, you need to get a repairman for cooling systems.

However, there are more signs to watch out for. Watch out for these signs of a defective mini-split system. 

Ductless Mini Split is Dripping Water

If you notice that the system is not draining water, there could be an issue with the drain line or the condensate drain. This happens if the drain line is blocked with mold.

The solution to this is to unclog the drain line. You may force water down the drain line, but it is not a long-lasting solution.

We recommend that you contact your HVAC technician to clear the drain line. The service may involve clearing molds if they have clogged the line.

Ductless Mini Split is Making Weird Noises

Typically, mini-splits are silent in their operation. However, occasionally, you will hear some popping or clicking noise. You may also hear a crackling or gurgling noise once in a while.

If your system makes these noises, you should not be worried as they are normal. You will hear the popping sound when the outer case of the system is expanding or contracting during operation.

On the other hand, the gurgling noise happens when the system shifts into a defrost mode to protect itself from freezing up.

However, something is definitely wrong if the mini split systems keep switching into defrost mode. Chances are high that your system has low refrigerant levels.

Ductless Mini Split System is Not Heating as Needed

The main reason your ductless system is not heating as needed is ice on the coils.

Typically, ice over the coils comes about due to:

  • The inadequate refrigerant in the system
  • Defective sensors
  • Malfunctioning circuit board

Mini-Split is Not Cooling or Blowing Cold Air

Again, if your system is not blowing cold air as needed, you want to have a technician on-site to help verify if you have a refrigerant leak. Issues refrigerant leaks are better off left for certified HVAC technicians to solve.

However, if you hear any hissing sound from the system, you can be sure that the refrigerant is leaking out.

The refrigerant is responsible for the heat and cold transfer. Therefore, having it at low levels impedes the cooling function.

Mini-Split is Not Dehumidifying

During summer, you want your ductless system to be at its top dehumidifying function. If it is not dehumidifying as needed, it is most likely there is mold growing in the condensate drain line.

Another common reason for ductless systems not dehumidifying is when it is oversized. If the cooling system is too big, it will cool the house too fast without taking time to dehumidify it.

If your HVAC technician concludes that your system is too big, you can buy a separate dehumidifier or get a correct size system.

Ductless Mini Split Smells Weird

Do not ignore any unusual odors coming from your ductless mini splits. The smells are an indication that something is wrong.

Here are weird smells and what they could mean.

Musty, Sour, or Mildew

This is a clear indication of mold growth in the system. We highly discourage you from handling the mold issue yourself. If the system emits a musty smell, have a professional HVAC tech clean your drain line and condensate the drain.


If the system produces a sweet odor like vinegar, you are most likely facing a refrigerant leak. This smell is often accompanied by a lack of cold air, even if the mini-split ac is on.

If you smell the vinegar-like smell, immediately contact your local HVAC technician.


A fishy smell typically indicates electrical issues or sometimes leaks. This typically develops into an emergency very fast. The moment you smell it, get immediate professional help.

Mini-Split Will Not Power On

If your system does not turn on, the first thing you want to look at is the remote batteries. Ensure that the batteries have not run out. If they are worn out, replace them with new batteries.

If the system will not turn on even with new batteries, it is safe for you to get professional assistance.

Water Leaking Behind the Air Handlers

The air handler links the outdoor unit with refrigerant lines, condensate lines, and power. The connecting lines pass through small holes in the wall behind the air handling unit.

If there is a leak on the condensate line, you will spot it between the air handler and the wall. First, this will lead to wall damage. This is one reason you should solve leaks as soon as you notice them. Sometimes the water may gradually weaken the wall and even tear the heating and cooling system off the wall.

Secondly, the leaks could quickly result in mildew and mold growth. If you notice water dripping from behind the air handler, or just water stains, do not wait until it is too late; the damage will be more costly.

Refrigerant Leaks

Low refrigerant leaks typically happen if there are refrigerant leaks. This significant issue affects all ductless heat pumps and air conditioners.

If the leaks are not fixed on time, it will cause a compressor breakdown. When this happens, buying a new outdoor unit is the only way out.

Remember that refrigerant leaks are more prevalent in ductless heating systems and air conditioners than in regular air conditioners. This is because they have more outdoor exposure and refrigerant lines.

Therefore, if you have a ductless heat pump or air conditioner, you should always be on the watch out for signs of refrigerant leaks such as:

  • loss of cooling power or speed,
  • ice building up on the coil, refrigerant lines or air handler,
  • hissing sound from the cooling system.

If you notice refrigerant leaks, shut down your ductless mini split immediately and call home air conditioning service. 

Dark Spots on AC or the Indoor Air Vents

If you spot any dark spots on areas around your air conditioner or its air vents, they are most likely mold.

Mold can be harmful to you and other people in your house. Do not attempt to get rid of the mold; inhaling it can get lethal very quickly(1).

High Energy Bills

One reason people go for mini-split systems is to save energy. They are usually cheaper than regular cooling and heating systems. However, if you start receiving high energy bills than before, chances are you have:

  • broken parts such as a compressor that needs to be replaced,
  • dirty or clogged air filters.

You can change the air filters or clean them. If this does not solve the issue, take it as a call to contact your local HVAC  contractor. 

Dirty Components

Dirty components are a big blow to the functioning of your HVAC system.

If you do not clean the components of your cooling system, you will have to deal with breakdowns sooner or later.

Gunk accumulation on the air filters, coil, fan, and blower prevents proper heat transfer. This way, cooling and heating will naturally go down.

Ensure you clean your air filters and the rest of the system for proper airflow. Many people ignore cleaning these components, especially if they are in not so easy to access places such as the attic. Check out the process on how to repair air ducts in attic to ensure it is functioning correctly. 

Malfunctioning Control Board

Ductless mini splits have two or three control boards on the outside unit and one on the indoor unit.

It is not uncommon for these control boards to fail. Whenever this happens, the most straightforward solution is to replace them.

Poor Installation Quality

One reason people go for ductless mini split systems is their flexible installation. Many times, people try to install these units themselves; which is not bad. However, sometimes, the units end up malfunctioning due to poor installation. If you are not sure, search for the best HVAC  companies near me to get the best installation services. 

Sometimes, the malfunctioning happens even if a professional HVAC tech installed it; mistakes happen.

If this is the situation with your cooling system, we will come on-site and ensure it is well installed for proper cooling and heating.

Ductless Mini Split Repair in Santa Clarita

Here in HVAC Santa Clarita, we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients have properly functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Like any traditional cooling system, your ductless mini-split will fail once in a while. Sometimes, it will function well but produce strange noises or dark spots. Simply put, if you notice any issues with your ductless mini split, do not wait until it develops into something more costly.

We would be glad to perform ductless mini-split repairs for you. Do not wait until the issue gets out of hand; it can happen very quickly.

If you do not perform repairs quickly, you will soon be searching for mini split or central AC replacement near me. 

Mini Split Air Conditioner Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are not familiar with mini split AC unit repair. We answer some questions to help ensure you get the best AC repair services in case your mini split develops any issues.

Can mini splits be repaired?

Yes, if your mini split system is malfunctioning, you can repair it just like the traditional central air conditioners. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact professional repair services if you notice any signs of malfunctioning.

How much does it cost to service a mini split?

The cost of repairing and servicing depends mainly on the work done.

However, to give you a range of some of the standard services:

A compressor replacement can cost anything from $500-$1000+

Refrigerant leak fixing and recharging can cost $300- $1000+.

For blower motor replacement, you can pay up to $700.

The repairing and maintenance service will depend on its service or how bad the damage is. Feel free to call for free estimates.

How many years do mini-splits last?

If well maintained through the years, a ductless mini split can serve you up to 20 years.

Final Words on Mini Split AC Repair

As we call it wraps for our ductless AC repair service, we are convinced that you know how to spot an issue with one. If you spot any issue, get immediate professional intervention, like you would do with traditional central air conditioners. If you are looking for Santa Clarita air conditioning services, we are your guys. 

We would, therefore, be super thrilled to take you through the troubleshooting and repair process at HVAC Santa Clarita. Please contact us when you spot any issues with your mini-split.

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