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HVAC Winnetka services can put you and your cooling and heating systems on the comfortable and safe side of the scale. 

 As HVAC Santa Clarita, our happiness is to see our clients have optimally functioning systems. 

 When it comes to air conditioning and heating, our clients can relax and let us take charge. Understanding the functioning of HVAC systems can take time and effort. It is even much more complicated when the system develops any problems. 

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 In case you are wondering what areas we cover, we cover the entire San Fernando Valley, with Winnetka as one of the neighborhoods. 

 Do not hesitate to reach out for the services we review below. 

AC Services Winnetka 

With our AC service Winnetka, we do all it takes to ensure our clients have and maintain optimally functioning air conditioning units. As one of the most reliable AC company Winnetka, we work on all air conditioning units, from simple window ACs and ductless mini splits to central HVAC systems. We include difficult-to-access systems such as those in the ceiling, crawlspaces and rooftops. 

Contact HVAC Santa Clarita for all the air conditioning services you may need.

Air Conditioner Repair Winnetka 

Contact HVAC Santa Clarita for AC repair in Winnetka when you notice a system problem. 

 Ignoring problems will not only destroy the parts of your AC system. It will also increase energy consumption and even shorten the lifespan of your AC. 

Do not watch your AC go down the drain; call us today for air conditioner repair services to get your system back on track.  

Air Conditioning installation services Winnetka CA

We would be glad to hold your hand if you wish to acquire a new air conditioning unit. Whether you have already decided what to install or not, we will take over and ensure you have the system of your dreams installed. It does not matter whether you are looking for a ductless mini-split or a central air conditioner. Contact us today for all air conditioning installation services in and around Winnetka CA. 

We will deliver excellently be it your first time or if you are looking for AC replacement. 

AC Maintenance Winnetka

Buying and installing an AC system is a total waste of money if you do not maintain it well. For starters, you will be destroying the parts of the system and shortening its lifespan. Secondly, you will be increasing your energy bills for no good reason. It is even worse to think that the quality of the conditioned air you will receive will be poor, but the energy bills will keep going higher and higher. 

Save yourself and your household such difficult and frustrating moments; get AC maintenance in Winnetka services to keep your system in good working condition. 

Emergency AC Repair Winnetka

Do not panic if your air conditioning system breaks down without warning. We know it can be challenging to get air conditioning repair appointments in Winnetka. This is why we created our emergency AC repair services to offer instant services to clients who need them. 

We also know how waiting in discomfort can feel; that is why you need to get our  24/7 emergency air conditioning repair whenever your system lets you down. All you have to do is contact us and tell us it’s an emergency, and we will be there to fix it in no time. 

Ductless Mini Splits

If you want a ductless mini split, HVAC Santa Clarita would be more than glad to do the installation services. The first step to a properly functioning mini-split is getting a proper installation. 

 Contact us for repair and maintenance services if you already have a system installed. Our ductless mini splits services ensure you have efficiently functioning systems. 

Heating Services

Nothing is as uncomfortable as the heating season without effectively functioning heating systems. 

It not only makes humans uncomfortable, it also affects plants and pets. Our heating services in Winnetka install, repair and maintain furnaces and heating systems to keep your house cozy all winter. 

Heating Installation 

Nothing fulfills us like knowing our client had the smoothest winter, thanks to the heating installation service we did for them. 

 Do not let the winter roughen you up; contact us today for heating installation services. Including gas furnace installation and gas furnace replacement

 We install all kinds of furnaces, from oil and gas to electric furnaces. 

Heating Repair Services

If your furnace was sitting idle, gathering dust all summer long, and you didn’t service it before the heating season, you can almost expect it to break down in winter. 

 It does not matter what the cause of the breakdown or malfunctioning is; we have covered you if you need furnace repair services. 

 We will come on-site, troubleshoot the system, fix it, and leave you with better tips to prevent future problems. 

 Contact us today for heating repair services including gas furnace repair

Furnace Maintenance Services Winnetka

Our heating maintenance service in Winnetka is meant to help you get the most stress-free winter. 

This service guarantees you the following:

  • Well-functioning moving parts that will result in, 
  • Smooth heating processes all winter long, 
  • Lowered chances of breakdowns, 
  • Lower energy consumption, 
  • Longer lifespan for your furnaces. 

Contact us today for furnace maintenance services. 

Heat Pump Services


Heat pumps are a great way to cool and heat your home. They, however, will only work well if you take good care of them. 

 Start by getting a professional heat pump installation; there is no greater way to get the most impressive results from the system from day one. 

 We don’t stop there; we offer repair and maintenance to ensure your heat pump is efficient. 

 Contact us today for any heat pump service in Winnetka

Air Ducts Winnetka

HVAC Santa Clarita helps Winnetka residents keep the functioning of their ductwork correct. 

Our air duct Winnetka guarantees you the following:

  • Reduced chances of duct leakages, 
  • Efficient energy consumption, 
  • Cleaner and fresher conditioned air, 
  •  Reduced pest and dust issues, 
  • Longer lifespan to the air ducts and the HVAC system in general. 

Contact us today if you need any air ductwork services

Air Duct Replacement Winnetka

Our air duct replacement Winnetka service works to get rid of worn-out and beyond-repair ductwork. 

 Yes, in some cases, you will save more by getting ductwork replacement than by repairing the old ones. It is a safe and economical way of cutting down the frequent repairs. 

We will take you through the different kinds of ductwork and help you select what suits your HVAC system best. 

 Reach out to us if you need a new set of air ducts installed in your home. 

Air Duct Sealing Winnetka

Holes in the ductwork are one of the biggest problems of ductwork experience. The effects of having duct leakages can be adverse; you do not want to have them. If you are already experiencing air duct leakages, you want to get out of that situation. 

 Our air duct sealing Winnetka service is a sure way to keep the leakages at bay, get energy consumption in control, and finally have fresh conditioned air. 


Your thermostat controls the functioning of your HVAC system. You will not enjoy effective heating or cooling if you have a faulty thermostat; you can always expect things to go wrong. 

 Contact us for all thermostat services, including upgrading to a smart thermostat. 

Commercial HVAC Services

Getting a consistent and properly functioning commercial HVAC system is one of the most impressive ways to make a work environment friendly and comfortable. There is no greater way to keep your clients comfortable and your workers productive.  If you are looking for a commercial HVAC company that will get a great job done, we are the service to contact

Reach out to us for your commercial HVAC services in Winnetka, which include installation, repairs and maintenance. We would be glad to step in and help transform your business. 

Brands We Work With 

Our matter of most significant importance is ensuring all our clients have the best HVAC services. You trust us with work; we will not disappoint you. We show this in all the services we have just reviewed above and the HVAC brands we work with. 

We are dealers of handpicked top brands to ensure we make them accessible to Winnetka residents. Feel free to call or message us if you would like to acquire the following brands:

  • LG, 
  • Day & Night, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • Goodman. 

You, however, can contact us for all other HVAC services of the following brands:

  • Amana, 
  • Daikin, 
  •  Bryant, 
  • American Standard, 
  • Carrier, 
  • Lennox, 
  • Rheem, 
  •  Ruud. 

 HVAC Winnetka Testimonials 

five stars google reviews for HVAC Santa Clarita company

When we moved to our current house, the previous owner referred us to HVAC Santa Clarita, who had been servicing the air conditioners. We decided to keep using their services, and they have not disappointed us ever. I recommend this service to all Winnetka residents. 

Jairus, Communication Strategist. 

Our air conditioner was making weird screeching sounds, and we knew we had to get AC repair services. However, for some reason, we procrastinated the whole thing until it broke down on us. When this happened, we knew we had to get AC repair services. After a long search, we landed on HVAC Santa Clarita, and they did not disappoint us. 

Gabriel, Fashion designer. 

We have been getting our AC maintenance services from HVAC Santa Clarita. We have made it our routine as the service has helped us have a steadily functioning system. 

Robert, Nutritionist. 

We recently acquired an air conditioning system from HVAC Santa Clarita. They did an excellent installation job. Their team of professional technicians was kind and helpful. I recommend their AC installation service to anybody. 

William, Gym owner. 

One weekend, our air conditioner just broke down on us. We did not see any signs that led to the breakdown. It just went off and wouldn’t turn on. Of course, we tried troubleshooting and fixing it, but it didn’t just work. We knew we would have to wait for the start of the new week to get professional AC repair. Luckily, a neighbor who was over recommended us to emergency AC repair service from HVAC Santa Clarita, and we got our AC fixed that very same day! I am happy with their rapid response and excellent service. 

More Great Testimonials

Ian, Architect. 

We had our two ductless mini splits installed almost five years ago. HVAC Santa Clarita did the installation and had been servicing the systems since. These technicians are great at what they do. If you are in Winnetka, you can trust them with your HVAC systems. 

Jared, Travel company owner. 

As a work-from-home person, I am grateful for how HVAC Santa Clarita has made it comfortable. I love working with their professional and super-knowledgeable technicians. Thanks so much for the great heating services. 

Shawn, Children’s Books Illustrator. 

Last winter, our furnace had a faulty starting mechanism. We decided to save the day before the furnace broke down. HVAC Santa Clarita came on-site and fixed our furnace. We are content with their top-notch service. 

Iman, Chef. 

HVAC Santa Clarita did a furnace installation for us; this will be the second winter using their incredible services. After staying with our worn-out system for a long time, we can say we are fully ready for the peak of the heating season; for once. 

Elizabeth, Pediatrician

We just acquired a heat pump for our apartment. HVAC Santa Clarita did a superb installation job. We would be calling them for maintenance services. Winnetka residents, this is the HVAC company to trust. 

Nicole, Software engineer. 

And More Great Testimonials

This is the forth time we have had air duct cleaning done by HVAC Santa Clarita. They have been significant to us and in the work they do. Finding quality services at reasonable prices is rare, but these guys are some of the few that are still genuine. I am grateful for your reliability HVAC Santa Clarita. 

Kelvin, Commercial airline pilot

It has been a year since we got air duct replacement at our Winnetka home. So far, so good, as we have not experienced any issues. Thanks for the neat and incredible work HVAC Santa Clarita. 

Austin, Construction Company Operator. 

After over a year of failing to figure out the problem with our air conditioner, we finally called HVAC Santa Clarita. And to our surprise, we had severe duct leakages. They did duct sealing services, and we are so content. Much to our surprise, the problems we were experiencing are now all solved. 

Henry, Vet. 

 It has been over six months since I got a commercial HVAC installation for my plant shop. The system has been functioning so well; you can see how much my plants appreciate it. HVAC Santa Clarita, you guys did an excellent job for me, and I am grateful. I recommend your commercial air conditioning service to all businesses in Winnetka. 

Stephanie, Plant Shop Owner.

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