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AC maintenance is one of the essential air conditioning services. Keeping your unit in great shape is necessary for residential or commercial systems. It helps to prevent potential AC repairs or air conditioning replacements at early stages.

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Are you looking for the best AC maintenance in Santa Clarita? If yes, let us present our top-notch HVAC maintenance services to you. 

But before we get into the details of the AC maintenance service, we would love to let you know how important it is. 

Don’t wait until your AC unit breaks down for you to start looking for AC repair services. Sudden breakdowns can leave you stranded for days before you get an appointment with your HVAC technicians. Maintenance checks involve regular work, even for a properly functioning AC unit. Or, even if you recently had AC installation, you still need to schedule air conditioning maintenance service no later than six months.

Also, you need to remember those furnaces are an essential part of your HVAC, so you should regularly perform heating system maintenance.

Conduct regular maintenance if you want your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. 

Keep reading as we show the details of the air conditioner maintenance service. 

What Does AC Maintenance Include? 

AC units work extra hard. For this, they accumulate a lot of dust particles. The debris and dust particles often result in clogged filters. This often ends up in sudden breakdowns and costly repairs. 

Clogged filters are a significant cause of AC breakdowns. You, therefore, want to have them cleaned more regularly. 

Also, power surges, especially in the summer, may wear out the electric parts of your AC unit. 

Here is what our AC maintenance Santa Clarita services include:

  1. AC preventative maintenance: This may reveal parts of your AC working, but they are on the verge of breaking down. This is a sure way to prevent unexpected and costly breakdowns. 
  2. Residential AC maintenance: Your ac maintenance checklist should involve indoor and outdoor unit checkups. This is to ensure both your outdoor and indoor units are running smoothly. 

Ac maintenance tune-up involves:

  • Cleaning the coils.
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Evaluating the cooling system and coolant level.
  • Fully calibrating your thermostat.

In comprehensive cases, it may also involve inspection of the ductwork and tightening and inspection of the ductwork for energy loss. 

Central AC Unit maintenance

You need to service your central AC unit properly. This is a sure way to improve its functioning, lower energy consumption, and avoid central ac repair.

The common question that comes from this is: how often should I service my central AC unit?

Twice a year. Once in fall and once in spring. This will ensure all the parts are in good shape, clean, and have optimal functioning. 

 Mini Split AC Maintenance

Like the central AC conditioning units, Mini Split AC maintenance needs maintenance service twice a year. 

 The maintenance service helps ensure that your indoor air quality remains top-notch. 

However, checkups may be needed in between scheduled visits. For instance, your Mini Split AC maintenance will generally be quiet. However, if it starts making some strange noises, it is a sign that you need to contact your HVAC technician for maintenance. 

Outside AC Unit Maintenance

Your outdoor AC unit may collect all sorts of debris, including small rocks and leaves. 

HVAC maintenance for your outdoor unit should be done during summer and winter. 

Here is your air conditioning maintenance checklist for your outdoor AC unit:

  • Check and clean the condenser unit of rocks, leaves and debris,
  • Ensure there are proper refrigerant levels and adjust as required,
  • Look at the coil as well as the cabinet for dust and debris,
  • Check the drain pan to see whether something is obstructing a smooth flow,
  • Inspect the fan and motor for signs of any wear and tear.

Feel free to contact HVAC Santa Clarita for outdoor AC unit air maintenance plans. 

 Attic AC Unit Maintenance

We classify the attic AC unit as one of the neediest. This is because a simple water leak could cause a disaster not just in your air conditioning unit but your entire house. 

Furthermore, the attic AC units are also exposed to mold and dust. You, therefore, need technicians to check the AC unit at least twice a year. You do not want to face more expensive costs such as water-damaged surfaces and systems. 

Rooftop AC Maintenance 

Your rooftop AC maintenance should be included in your AC maintenance checklist. Their location makes it difficult to determine whether it is time for a checkup. This is why you want to do regular maintenance to avoid unexpected failures. 

 The rooftop air conditioning system maintenance includes the following services:

  • Inspection of air filters and inlet screens, 
  • cleaning and replacement of filters, 
  • Inspection of the fan motor and housing, 
  • checking blades for cracks, dirt buildup
  • Lubrication of the motors

Benefits of Our AC Maintenance Service

HVAC Santa Clarita is a top-notch AC maintenance service in Santa Clarita. 

We hold the interests of our clients in our hearts. We, therefore, do nothing but pure perfection. Yes, there are several other AC maintenance services in Santa Clarita. But why should you choose HVAC Santa Clarita? Find out below what sets us from the rest of the services:

  • Experienced HVAC technicians: An air conditioning unit is a considerable income for homeowners. You, therefore, want to ensure only professionals work on your HVAC system. Our technicians are trained, licensed and experienced. Therefore, when you let us perform your HVAC maintenance, you are assured of nothing but credible work. 
  • Free consultation: You do not always get free consultations for services. We, however, understand how much misinformation is out there concerning HVAC maintenance. For instance, in this age of DIY, there is a  that encourages non-professionals to take up their HVAC maintenance. This can cause a lot of loss and danger. If you have any questions about AC unit maintenance, feel free to reach out to us. 

Why Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important 

Why is it essential to invest in regular maintenance? 

First, the only things that age finely are wine and cheese. Your air conditioning unit will perform less efficiently as it ages. It’s only normal; it overworks to improve the air quality in your household. 

To help keep it in good shape, you need to have annual maintenance services. We, however, recommend having AC maintenance services twice a year. But, if worse comes to worst, don’t let a year go by without performing AC maintenance.

Did you know that regular AC maintenance in Santa Clarita can help prevent breakdowns by Up to an incredible 95%? Repairing and replacing the AC can be so expensive. You, therefore, want to regularly service your AC to avoid such costs. 

Research conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agent (EPA) shows that indoor air has 2 to 5 times more air pollutants than outdoor air. However, this becomes over 100 times worse with a poorly maintained and malfunctioning AC. The regular indoor air contains pollen, dust, mold, dander and cigarette smoke. All these can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma attacks. Reach out to HVAC Santa Clarita to help keep your house’s air quality healthy for the inhabitants. 

According to the USA Department of Energy, you can save up to 30% of your monthly energy bills by performing maintenance services. Therefore, it could be time to contact HVAC Santa Clarita if you have been receiving unexplained high electricity bills. Our maintenance services will ensure that your AC unit is energy efficient. 

Signs of Trouble with AC unit

The good thing is, with an AC unit, you can fix the problem before it is full-blown.

Here are signs to look out for:

  • No cool air: when your air conditioning is on, there should be cool air in the room. But sometimes, the air conditioning has no effect at all and even produces hot air. This is a sign of dirty evaporator coils or a bad compressor. This means that they need to be cleaned to solve the problem. It could also be a sign of low freon levels. 
  •  Restricted Airflow: Worn-out motors can restrict airflow from your AC. Besides, a blockage or leak in your ductwork can also restrict airflow. This is a problem that is caused by the debris. If not solved quickly, it can also pollute indoor air and become a health hazard.
  • Moisture Buildup: if there is moisture buildup, especially on surfaces, it could signify a damaged drain tube or a refrigerant leak. These are supposed to eliminate condensation when they are working effectively. Moisture buildup can result in rust, microbial growth and mold. 
  • Weird noise: Air conditioners make some noise. But if yours is grinding, squealing or making grating sounds, it needs maintenance services. First, if your AC is making noise, it could mean that something in it is broken. Also, it could mean that parts of your air conditioners need lubrication. 
  • Odors: Is your air conditioning unit smelling musty? That could be a sign of mold inside the ductwork. However, if it is pungent and foul-smelling, it could mean that the unit’s wire has been burnt through. This could also be a fire hazard. If your AC unit is releasing a funny smell, be sure to get a quick AC checkup. 

What Do Our AC Maintenance Plans Include? 

We discuss in detail what HVAC Santa Clarita packages include. Check out below what goodies our services come with. 

But before we go deeper, let’s answer the common question: are AC maintenance plans worth it? Yes, they are. They would:

  • save you money, 
  • guarantee you timely maintenance checks, 
  • Ensure you have proper functioning AC units at all times. 

Here are our trusted AC maintenance plans. 

Quarterly AC Maintenance Contract

Our quarterly maintenance plans give you a premium maintenance plan four times a year.

 During our four visits, we conduct thorough inspections, maintenance and repairs. We will also give you the needed actions and findings. 

This is a sure way to have your AC running all 4 seasons smoothly. Our recommended AC maintenance plans for people with units that are ever running. 

Yearly Maintenance Plans

If your AC system majorly works in the summer, we recommend our AC annual maintenance contract. We will schedule maintenance services just before the onset of summer. 

If you are wondering whether the yearly AC maintenance is worth it, it is. It guarantees the coolest summers. 

Emergency AC Maintenance 

 Your AC unit may break down when you least expect it. Yes, it is a machine, and this is nothing uncommon. 

So, is a broken AC a maintenance emergency? And what do you do when your machine suddenly breaks down? 

If your AC breaks down, feel free to reach out with an emergency AC maintenance request. HVAC Santa Clarita will send you an HVAC contractor. They will then check your unit and tell you what the problem is. We will then discuss the proposals to have it repaired as quickly as possible with you. 

AC Maintenance Santa Clarita FAQs

We answer questions on the maintenance of your HVAC system. Hopefully, this helps you find the needed information about our HVAC maintenance service and its importance. 

Let’s go!

Why is HVAC Maintenance Important? 

HVAC maintenance is crucial to:

  • reduce risks of breakdowns, 
  • save on costs of repairing breakdowns, 
  • increase energy efficiency, 
  • ensure you always have a properly functioning system, 
  • always have good quality air. 

 What maintenance does AC Need?

Maintenance of your air conditioner could include:

  • cleaning of the air filters, air handler, evaporator coil and other parts of the system, 
  • lubrication of the moving parts, 
  • replacement of worn out parts, 
  • clearance of mold and rust, 
  • diagnosis of developing problems, 
  • inspection of energy efficiency. 

How do I maintain my Outside AC system

Maintenance of outside AC can be different from that of central air conditioners. The AC is exposed to more environmental agents such as dust and pollen outside. The cleaning of the parts needs to be thorough and frequent. 

Also, keep vegetation and grass away from the unit all year round. Also, ensure that there is no debris sitting on the surface.

 How much does it cost to service an AC unit? 

 The service cost will depend on what the package includes. Also, it may depend on the type of air conditioning you need work done on. 

However, most homeowners spend between $150 and $700 on their servicing. 

How do I know that my air conditioner needs Freon? 

Here are signs that your air conditioner needs Freon:

  • the system is always running but does not cool the house, 
  • the vents are releasing hot air, 
  • electric bills are becoming higher, 
  • there is a bubbling or hissing sound from the refrigerant line, 
  • there is an accumulation of ice on the refrigerant line. 

Can I use my home warranty for ac maintenance? 

Yes, many home warranties cover AC units. And many of them will cover maintenance, repairs and replacements. 

AC Maintenance Santa Clarita Final Thoughts

The ball is now in your court. It is now time to schedule regular maintenance services for your AC unit. Don’t wait to spend loads of money when your HVAC system breaks down. Maintain it regularly to ensure its performance is optimal. 

 Reach out to us, HVAC Santa Clarita, for the best AC maintenance in Santa Clarita. 

 Why Us?


We were used to our AC breaking down every other month. If it went for a month without breaking down, we would consider ourselves lucky. When we contacted HVAC Santa Clarita, a contractor came on-site and checked our system. It turned out we were not even doing the bare minimum in maintenance. He performed routine maintenance for us and went ahead and showed us how to perform simple DIY AC maintenance. It has been a year, and with the regular AC maintenance and our DIYs, our AC has never broken down on us. 

– Ryan, truck driver

Our AC repairs were ever costly. It always involved replacing moving parts, which always cost us a fortune. During one of our repairs, an HVAC contractor from HVAC Santa Clarita asked how often we had maintenance service. We never had those. He told us to avoid such costly repairs, we should get regular maintenance. We just had our third maintenance service with them ever since, and we have not had to replace any part since then.

Jasmin, Social Worker

Our electricity bills were steadily shooting higher and higher. It was getting out of hand. I posted in my neighborhood’s group to complain about it. One person commented and said our AC could be the victim, and we need to have it checked for energy efficiency. Long story short, we had our system serviced, and we have been doing it regularly ever since. And, our bills are back in order.

Jeremy, Gardener

We knew we needed a professional maintenance service to keep our AC in perfect shape. We did not know the right way to go. Our HVAC contractor from HVAC Santa Clarita was kind enough to show us how to perform some essential DIY AC maintenance. Right now, we can say our system is getting all the attention it needs.

Daniella, Civil Engineer

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