Are you looking to buy a Daikin mini split?

Daikin is an HVAC company based in Osaka, Japan. It has been in operation for close to a century. The company has also been a significant figure in developing ductless mini splits.

It is widely believed that they made the first ductless air conditioners. Besides, they are known for inventing the variable refrigerant flow, popular today as VRC air conditioners.

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This is to say that buying a ductless mini split from Daikin is purchasing a brand that holds a respected space in the industry.

Buying Daikin ductless mini splits guarantees you comfortable cooling and heating as long as you work with an AC repair Santa Clarita company that will help you with routine maintenance and repairs. 

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Lets get into the details. 

Daikin Mini Split Inverter Technology

Inverter compressors drive Daikin air conditioners. These types of compressors supply regulated frequencies for your motor speed. They also stabilize temperatures by adjusting compressor operation according to the cooling or heating load. This way, your air conditioning, and heat load will only consume just needed energy to provide you the comfort.

This is a very innovative way to save energy. If you want to save on energy bills, consider getting a residential air conditioning service Santa Clarita with an inverter compressor.

Daikin Mini Split Prices

The cost of Daikin mini split systems varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • the model of your system,
  • the seasonal energy efficiency ratio and the heating seasonal performance factor of your system,
  • installation costs which depend on what your local HVAC technician charges,
  • whether you are getting multi-zone or single-zone systems.

The price range is enormous, depending on what you settle for.

However, we give you an estimate to help you narrow down as you shop for Daikin mini splits.

Single-zone cooling systems or air conditioners typically range from $400 to $700*. The exact price will come down to their heating efficiency.

A heat pump is generally more expensive than an air conditioning system. This cuts across all the brands. And it is not difficult to see why. Heat pumps are 2 in 1 systems(1); they heat and cool your home.

Generally, Daikin mini split heat pump costs anything from $600 to $2500*. It is a more significant investment than an air conditioning system, but it will be worth it.

The prices of multi-zone systems may go as high as $6000* for three indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

If you compare Daikin mini split prices, you will realize that they are much cheaper than other brands. A Daikin was made just for you if you are looking to buy a mini split system but are on a budget.

Note: These prices are exclusive of installation prices. You will have to talk to your local HVAC technician to get their installation costs. HomeAdvisor says mini split installation costs $300 to $1500*.

Note: Heat pumps are generally costlier than air conditioners. Read more about heat pump vs air conditioner.

Types of Daikin Mini Split Air Conditioners

Sometimes, tips on how to choose central AC can be difficult to follow through. We, therefore look at the best types of Daikin mini splits below. We hope this helps you select what suits you best.

Wall Mounted 17 Series Daikin mini split AC

We recommend getting this mini split system if you want a window AC unit but cannot choose.

The system is sleek yet low-lying; you will love its obstructive nature. Some of the perks it comes with:

  • air purifying filters,
  • quiet fan,
  • digital display
  • Energy efficient; SEER of up to 17,
  • Limited 10-year warranty for parts.

NV Series Wall Mount Daikin mini split AC

This is like the successor of the 17 series Daikin mini split. It comes with more advanced features and specifications, such as:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency of up to 17.5
  • An intelligent thermostat that works with the Daikin comfort control mobile application,
  • presence-sensor that senses whether people are in the room or not; it also senses where exactly the people are and re-directs the cool air to the people;
  • ultra-quiet fan,
  • Limited warranty of 10 years for parts.

19 Series Wall Mount Daikin mini split AC

If you prefer higher energy efficiency in your mini split systems, this system would be a better upgrade than those in the 17 series. We recommend these for larger spaces such as the living room, home additions, and the basement.

Here are some of its features:

  • A SEER rating of up to 19,
  • Control from the Daikin comfort control app,
  • quiet fan,
  • Limited parts warranty of up to 12 years.

Types of Daikin Mini Split Heat Pumps

If you are considering a heat pump, these Daikin mini split heat pumps could win you over. Just be sure to be diligent about getting the necessary heat pump installation Santa Clarita CA services.

Daikin EMURA

The Daikin Emura is an affordable heat pump that comes in either matte white or silver.

It comes with features such as:

  • remote temperature control,
  • quiet fan,
  • air purifying filters,
  • A SEER rating of up to 18,
  • HSPF of up to 9.3,
  • 12-year limited parts warranty.

17 Series Wall Mount

Daikin vouches for the 17 series mini splits as the perfect replacement for window air conditioners. We also agree as this 17 series wall mount heat pump is slim and compact. It also comes with a low-profile outdoor unit.

Some of its features include:

  • self-diagnosis and troubleshooting,
  • digital display,
  • SEER or cooling efficiency of up to 17,
  • HSPF of up to 9,
  • 10-year limited parts warranty.

19 Series Wall Mount

This is the ideal mini split for people who intend to cool and heat larger spaces such as garages or living rooms. It is more potent than the 17 series heat pump.

Here are some of its desirable features:

  • A SEER rating of up to 19,
  • HSPF rating of up to 10,
  • Better warranty terms of 12 years for limited parts,
  • Control from the Daikin mobile app. 

Daikin AURORA – Floor Mount

If you are looking for a floor system, then this is it. Many homeowners install this system close to the floor level or beneath their windows.

Here are some of its features:

  • sleek front panel,
  • easy to use and operate,
  • A SEER rating of up to 20,
  • HSPF rating of up to 11.7,
  • Twelve years’ parts’ limited warranty.

Daikin AURORA – Wall Mount

This is similar to the Aurora floor-mounted version. The only difference is this was designed to be mounted high on the wall. If you have no adequate space to mount a floor mini split, this is it.

Here are some features of the Daikin Aurora – wall-mounted heat pump:

  • A SEER rating of up to 20.3.
  • HSPF rating of up to 12.5,
  • more extended warranty of up to 12 years,

LV Series Wall Mount

This is one of Daikin’s best mini split heat pumps. If you like acquiring the best, this mini split could easily impress you.

Here are some of its winning features:

  • ENERGY STAR certification,
  • auto swing outlet fins to improve air flow to the people,
  • intelligent sensors to sense if and where people are in the room
  • A high SEER rating of up to 24.5
  • HSPF rating of up to 12.5.

If you are ready to spend some more but save much more in the future, this heat pump will suit you best.


If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, this mini split system was designed for you.

It can heat at -4℉ and cool at 109℉. There’s no need to worry about the minimum outdoor temperature. Quaternity will always keep you comfortable.

Here are some of its most remarkable features:

  • super high energy efficiency,
  • a powerful filtration system,
  • a high SEER rating of up to 26.1,
  • HSPF rating of up to 11,
  • Up to 12 years warranty for select parts.

VISTA Ceiling Cassette

If you have no room to install a wall or floor evaporator cabinet, you may want to go for the Daikin VISTA ceiling cassette. Besides, it is excellent for air distribution all through the room.

Here are some notable features of the VISTA ceiling cassette:

  • Sensors to optimize air floor,
  • remote control use,
  • A SEER rating of up to 20.9,
  • HSPF rating of up to 11.9,
  • Twelve years’ parts’ limited warranty.

NV Series Wall Mount

If you are a sucker for the latest technology in the market, this mini split heat pump was made for you.

For starters, it comes with a very streamlined evaporator coil.

Here are some of its most outstanding features:

  • Control either via the remote control or the Daikin comfort control mobile app,
  • Intelligent sensors for adjusting the temperature depending on people’s presence in the room,
  • A decent SEER rating of up to 17.5
  • HSPF rating of up to 9.3.

How does Daikin’s mini split stack up against competitors?

Daikin is one of the renowned HVAC companies. It will not take you long to appreciate the features of their mini split systems.

However, some companies still give Daikin a run for their money. If you plan to buy a Daikin mini split, you want to see how it ranks against some industry leaders. Let’s go.

Daikin vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Generally speaking, Daikin mini splits are cheaper than Mitsubishi systems. If you are on a budget, you may choose Daikin over Mitsubishi.

However, Mitsubishi will still rank ahead of Daikin for the following features:

  • Mitsubishi systems are much quieter,
  • they have higher energy efficiency,
  • and they can operate at a lower outdoor air temperature of (-15℉).

The warranty terms of Daikin and Mitsubishi are almost similar. however, it is much easier to take the risk of DIY ductless mini split repairs and installation with Daikin that it is with Mitsubishi.

Daikin vs. Carrier

Daikin has so many mini splits you can choose from. If you want to customize a mini split system to suit your needs specifically, you will be much happier with Daikin.

However, Daikin systems are more expensive than Carrier mini split systems. Daikin are also noisier. If you are after affordable serenity, you will find satisfaction in Carrier mini split systems.

We also noted that Daikin is keener on air filtration filters, which Carrier systems lack. If anyone in your house has allergies, the Daikin filters will do an excellent job for you.

With both Carrier and Daikin, you can learn take the initiative of DIY ductless mini split installation. We discourage our clients from doing this as it sometimes results in losses. However, if you believe in your DIY prowess, it is possible with these mini split systems.

Daikin vs. Lennox

Looking online, people generally favor Daikin in their reviews. One reason is that Daikin is much cheaper than Lennox.

However, despite the prices, some Lennox owners swear by the brand name. This is constant if you compare ductless mini splits and central air conditioners of both brands.

One thing for sure is that you will have a difficult time securing Lennox’s proprietary parts. If you plan on staying in the house long-term, consider getting a Daikin mini split. It is much easier to replace and repair Daikin parts.

Daikin Mini Split Frequently Asked Questions

Other than the common “What is ductless AC system?” question, we receive a bunch of other questions that we answer below. 

 If your pressing question goes unanswered, feel free to reach out to us. 

Is Daikin a good brand for mini splits?

Daikin is quite a decent choice for mini split systems. They come with above-average SEER and HSPF ratings. Besides, select models are ENERGY STAR certified. With them, you are assured of modest energy efficiency.

Also, they come with innovative features that have kept the brand on the list of solid HVAC brands.

How much does a Daikin mini split system cost?

A Daikin mini split will cost anywhere between $400 to $6000. It is a wide range, but it is because it includes both single and multi-zone systems. The range also includes air conditioners and heat pumps.

Feel free to contact your local HVAC technician for installation price quotes.

How long does a Daikin mini split last?

Daikin mini splits last 10-30 years. The duration is lessened if you are in coastal regions. It may also be cut short by poor maintenance practices.

Is Daikin better than Mitsubishi?

In general feature and specification rankings, Mitsubishi outranks Daikin. Mitsubishi mini split systems will do an excellent job if you are looking for a super reliable brand.

However, if you are looking to save some money on upfront costs, Daikin mini split systems would impress you. It all comes down to what you are looking for.

Daikin Mini Split Final Thoughts

Homeowners, we are coming to the end of our Daikin mini split review. We are just about to hand the ball over to your court.

Daikin is a reputable brand for homeowners looking for something affordable yet reliable. With so many Daikin mini splits, choosing what suits you best is not easy. In such cases, feel free to use your HVAC technicians’ advice.

HVAC Santa Clarita would gladly answer your queries and offer mini split installation services if you are in Santa Clarita. Feel free to reach out anytime for queries, and HVAC Santa Clarita.

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(*) Prices can vary because of inflation and the economic situation

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