outside ac unit making loud noise

Outside AC Unit Making Loud Noise

Is your outside AC unit making loud noise? Well, that is a sign that you need AC repair. Your outside air conditioner making some strange sounds is a sign of a malfunction. And, it would be ideal if you were on the move to find a solution as soon as you hear those weird noises. … Read more

gas furnace vs electric furnace

Gas vs Electric Furnace – What’s the Difference?

Gas vs. electric furnace, which carries the day? Read this comparison from HVAC Santa Clarita. This is a common question for homeowners (as well as heat pump vs gas furnace) looking to install heating systems. And, many choose either an electric furnace or a gas furnace depending on fuel availability, which is a good move. … Read more

ac unit not blowing cold air

AC Unit Not Blowing Cold Air

AC unit not blowing cold air? This is every homeowner’s nightmare. Your AC running but not cooling your house calls for you to contact your HVAC company for AC repair. AC not cooling your house is the situation you do not want to get stuck in, especially when the temperatures are skyrocketing. If your HVAC … Read more

aeroseal duct sealing near me

Aeroseal Duct Sealing- Airtightly Block all the Holes on your Duct System

The aeroseal duct sealing process is now a household name in duct sealing and general issues that deal with indoor heating and cooling system.  Despite being relatively a newcomer, it is now the most preferred way of sealing duct leakages. And now that you are here, we assume that you are looking for aeroseal duct … Read more

ductless mini split vs central air

Ductless Mini-split vs. Central Air

Ductless mini-split vs. central air conditioning, which carries the day?  Many people are looking to get the difference between the two. What are the pros and cons of the ductless mini-split system? How about those of the central air system? What is the most important when it comes to AC repair services? But most importantly, which … Read more