Ideal Temperature

Ideal Room Temperature for Elderly

If you are searching for the ideal room temperature for elderly persons, keep reading; you have found it. For the elderly, the correct indoor temperature is not just a matter of comfort. It is also a matter of health. First, you need to know that an older person has an increased risk of heat stroke … Read more

room temperature for puppies

Room Temperature for Puppies

Are you looking for the best room temperature for puppies? If your dog has recently had a litter of puppies or you just adopted a puppy, you need to worry about setting the ideal house temperature for your new family addition. Just like human babies, puppies are delicate. Dog owners, therefore, have to go out … Read more

ac temperature for cats

AC Temperature for Cats

What is the ideal  AC temperature for cats? Cats are very adaptable pets. However, they cannot get up and grab a sweater when they are cold- obviously. As a cat owner, you, therefore, have to watch out for your cat’s temperature. And how do you know your cat is uncomfortable with the room temperature? You … Read more

ideal temp for ac in summer

Ideal Temp for AC in Summer

What is the ideal temp for AC in summer? This is such a common question now that summer is here with us. Playing around with the thermostat settings does not make a huge difference. Going higher on your thermostat settings may mean saving on energy bills but compromising comfort. Going lower may provide much-needed relief, … Read more

ideal temparature for indoor plants

Ideal Temperature for Indoor Plants

“How can I set the ideal temperature for indoor plants?” This is such a common question for plant parents. As a plant owner, nothing feels better than seeing your indoor plants thrive. Whether you are keeping your plants as a hobby or as a way to cover up for the minimal green spaces we can … Read more