Ideal Temperature

Ideal Room Temperature for Elderly

If you are searching for the ideal room temperature for elderly persons, keep reading; you have found it. For the elderly, the correct indoor temperature is not just a matter of comfort. It is also a matter of health. That’s why it’s very important to invest in proper HVAC systems and AC repairs and replacement … Read more

ideal room temperature for newborn

Ideal Room Temperature for Newborn

One of the parents’ worries is setting the ideal room temperature for the newborn. The thing with babies is they will not tell you what the best temperature for them is. It is up to the parent to find the best room temperature for the newborn. It can be pretty challenging to figure out what … Read more

room temperature for puppies

Room Temperature for Puppies

Are you looking for the best room temperature for puppies? Welcome to HVAC Santa Clarita, we are here to give you all info you are looking for! If your dog has recently had a litter of puppies or you just adopted a puppy, you need to worry about setting the ideal house temperature for your … Read more

ac temperature for cats

AC Temperature for Cats

What is the ideal  AC temperature for cats? Cats are very adaptable pets. However, they cannot get up and grab a sweater when they are cold- obviously. As a cat owner, you, therefore, have to watch out for your cat’s temperature. And how do you know your cat is uncomfortable with the room temperature? You … Read more

ideal temp for ac in summer

Ideal Temp for AC in Summer

What is the ideal temp for AC in summer? This is such a common question now that summer is here with us. Playing around with the thermostat settings does not make a huge difference. Going higher on your thermostat settings may mean saving on energy bills but compromising comfort. Going lower may provide much-needed relief, … Read more

ideal temparature for indoor plants

Ideal Temperature for Indoor Plants

“How can I set the ideal temperature for indoor plants?” This is such a common question for plant parents. As a plant owner, nothing feels better than seeing your indoor plants thrive. Whether you are keeping your plants as a hobby or as a way to cover up for the minimal green spaces we can … Read more