Commercial rooftop AC unit – is the best cooling idea for your business space? Which air conditioning services are the best for your company’s comfort?

If you have been looking for a commercial HVAC AC unit, you probably have already seen the top brands selling rooftop units.

This may leave you wondering… do commercial buildings have to have packaged rooftop units?

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Or, better still, how easy is it to ask for commercial AC repair? 

Read on as we look at why you should purchase commercial packaged rooftop units.

Commercial Rooftop AC Unit Benefits

Many commercial buildings have their cooling and heating systems on top of the building.

We look at several reasons and benefits behind this position selection.

Saves Space

For starters, rooftop units have all the components packaged in one system. In other situations, an outdoor and indoor unit will work together to perform the cooling or heating function. This is not the case with rooftop units.

If you are wondering why they are called packaged rooftop units, there you go; they have both indoor and outdoor units in one.

Besides this, there is usually not a lot of space to spare besides commercial buildings. You will most probably have other buildings right beside you. With this, the rooftop units are indeed a savior as they will also make good use of an idle rooftop.

Also, getting the packaged units off the ground paves the way for landscaping and ground maintenance.

Less Noise

Modern-day cooling and heating systems are much quieter than a decade ago(1).

However, large commercial buildings’ rooftop commercial air conditioning units can be noisy and disruptive. And some commercial spaces require a lot of quietness and serenity; you cannot imagine a noisy HVAC. Some of such instances are offices, hospitals or spas.

If your want your building to encourage work productivity or relaxation, packaged units on the roof can put away unnecessary noise.

Improved Security

Come on; we know that not all commercial spaces are well secured around them. In such cases, a cooling system by the building’s side can easily be vandalized or stolen.

If you love to secure your cooling system, a better bet would be your rooftop.

Commercial AC units are not cheap; you do not want to have to replace them unexpectedly.

Less Exposure to Dirt

To HVAC units, dirt can cause huge damage.

Having your system on the rooftop will reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the system.

Remember that dirt accumulation can cost you good money in AC repairs.

Simplified Maintenance

Your commercial HVAC units need regular maintenance for the best performance. We recommend that you service the HVAC at least twice a year. Locating your unit on the roof makes it easier for an HVAC technician to track them; they will not have to go round and round trying to locate them.

Also, since they are packaged together, it is easy to service them together; no time is wasted moving from one unit to another.

Also, due to their location, any repairs or maintenance can quickly happen without disrupting the building’s operations.

Better Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Commercial packaged rooftop units are great for improved energy efficiency and comfort thanks to their features.

One of the features that assure you an energy-efficient operation is variable air conditioning control calls for an air flow operation with matching fan speeds.

This is one sure way to save energy, something every commercial space would appreciate.

Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioner Systems: How Do They Work?

A conventional air conditioner has two separate indoor and outdoor units. If you understand how they work, you will probably be confused about how a packaged heat pump or air conditioner works.

This is how packaged units work:

  • Air enters the HVAC unit through a hood from the side of the unit. This side of the unit is typically protected to keep away rainwater and snow,
  • The units are fitted with internal dampers that control air movement in the unit,
  • When the air passes over the air filters, particles such as those from air pollution and dust are trapped,
  • Now the air will be cools depending on the operation mode, setting, and configuration of the system; the coils and heat exchanger do the heating,
  • The unit has fans that push the air into the building through the air ducts. The conditioned air is directed into the intended building areas through the duct system.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Services

Getting a commercial rooftop AC unit is the first best decision you will make for the cooling and heating of your commercial building. You will surely enjoy the ultra-high efficiency they come with.

However, all this will be in vain if you do not service your system well. It will start with commercial rooftop AC unit installation. All the major components of your rooftop unit are packaged in one. You, therefore, want to ensure they are correctly their installation is correct.

Destroying one part of the unit could easily affect the rest of it.

Work with only certified HVAC technicians to ensure the high performance of your rooftop HVAC system.

Feel free to reach out to us for commercial AC rooftop installation. We will take you through:

  • a broad range of the best commercial HVAC companies with models suited for your building or new construction,
  • factors to consider when shopping for one(such as commercial rooftop HVAC unit prices,
  • energy star rated models for higher energy efficiency,
  • the installation process for best performance,
  • the best commercial AC repair and maintenance packages.

Commercial AC Unit Maintenance and Repair

Like a residential HVAC system, if you do not maintain your commercial rooftop unit well, you will soon need to perform costly repairs.

One thing about having a rooftop air conditioner is that you can easily forget them. If it is out of sight, it will quickly get out of mind too. For this reason, we recommend you set reminders for maintenance.

You may even deal with your local HVAC technician for annual maintenance services. Your commercial HVAC system breaking down can result in low productivity and even losses in your business; don’t wait until you get there.

Contact us for commercial AC unit maintenance, replacements and AC repair Santa Clarita and nearby.

Commercial Rooftop AC Unit FAQs

We respond to some common questions to help you properly maintain your commercial AC unit.

With these, we hope to answer any queries you have. If not, feel free to contact us , one of the most reliable HVAC companies in Santa Clarita. 

What are the differences between a commercial and residential AC?

The main difference between the two is the size and the capacity range. Commercial rooftop package units are typically larger with a larger cooling capacity. This is because they typically cool larger spaces such as department stores, warehouses, large retail stores or medium-sized businesses.

They also work long hours.

They are also packaged, where all the components of the HVAC system are incorporated into one unit. On the other hand, most residential HVAC units have separate indoor and outdoor units. 

Which HVAC system is best for commercial buildings?

A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or a variable refrigerant volume (VRV) is the best heating and cooling system for a commercial building(2). They have a single condenser that can connect with more than one evaporator.

These are also suitable for larger spaces and mixed-use buildings such as malls.

They are super efficient and easy to control.

What is a commercial HVAC unit?

This air conditioning cools businesses such as hotels, schools, hospitals, warehouses and malls.

They differ from other HVAC systems in terms of operation complexity, cooling and heating capacity, and size.

Why is rooftop HVAC famous for commercial HVAC?

For starters, there is typically not adequate space around commercial buildings. Therefore, it is challenging to install large HVAC systems on the ground. The ideal space remains a flat rooftop.

Secondly, having the HVAC system on the rooftop takes the noise out of range. This is great for boosting productivity.

Commercial Rooftop AC Unit Final Thoughts

A commercial rooftop AC unit provides many conveniences for the commercial building and its users. You, however, have to take great care of the unit; you cannot afford to have your commercial HVAC break down unexpectedly.

Contact us for your commercial rooftop HVAC services. We will be happy to ensure the system is always at its peak performance.

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