Are you looking to get a Goodman gas furnace? Goodman has been a leader in the HVAC industry, and getting one is always a good decision.

We have been doing gas furnace installation services for decades, and almost everyone who got Goodman have had an exemplary experience. 

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However, just like any other device, there are a lot of factors to consider before getting that Goodman furnace. 

For instance:

  • Can you quickly and easily get Goodman gas furnace repair near you? 
  • Is there a model whose features perfectly suit your heating needs?
  • What size Goodman gas furnace suits you best, probably a Goodman 60000 btu furnace or a Goodman 80000 btu furnace?
  • Can you easily access Goodman furnace parts from your location whenever the need arises? 
  • What are the pros and cons of these furnaces? 

There is a lot to consider when shopping for a Goodman gas furnace. There is even more to remember when seeking repair and gas furnace replacement services. 

Looking for a detailed Goodman gas furnace review? This is precisely what we look at in this post. Read on.

Goodman Gas Furnace Overview

Goodman has been a household name when it comes to energy-efficient heating. The company has constantly been advancing its furnaces over the years, making them one of the best for home heating.

Goodman was started in 1954 by Harold Goodman in Houston, Texas. The company rapidly expanded, thanks to its innovation in the HVAC industry. 

Daikin Industries later acquired Goodman and took over their manufacturing and distribution in 2012. However, Goodman has retained its original identity and features even while under new ownership and management. Therefore, if you loved the engineering of the Goodman furnace parts in the 2000s, you would still love it now. This is because there has been greatness after greatness in their advancement and innovation. 

Keep reading as we review some of the remarkable features of the Goodman gas furnace. Remember, features vary by model. If you are still determining which model best suits your heating needs, HVAC Santa Clarita is just a phone call away. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Here are outstanding Goodman furnace features to look out for.

Multi-Speed PSC Blower for Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

Thanks to the multi-speed Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) electric motor, the Goodman gas furnace optimizes airflow to align with specific comfort requirements. This innovative technology not only tailors the circulation to individual preferences but also achieves a dual benefit:

  • minimizing energy consumption,
  • reducing overall system noise.

These are heating benefits that any homeowner would definitely enjoy.

Advanced Comfort Control with Multi-speed ECM Blower

An ECM blower, or a variable speed motor, is one of the advancements fitted in Goodman furnaces to enhance their heating efficiency. These blowers have a microprocessor that controls airflow and, in turn, reduces energy consumption. 

Goodman gas furnace’s multi-speed Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) allows you to experience top-tier comfort. This cutting-edge technology is designed to customize airflow according to individual comfort requirements.

The ECM blower not only ensures optimal comfort but also boasts superior energy efficiency, surpassing the capabilities of a single-stage motor. 

By adjusting the blower speed, this system significantly reduces both energy consumption and overall system noise. There is no better way to acquire a refined and efficient heating solution for your home.

Heat Exchange Excellence: Tubular Heat Exchanger with Wrinkle Bend Technology

Gas furnace heat exchangers are a very crucial yet delicate part. This is why any reliable HVAC brand such as Goodman emphasizes on creating innovative and durable heat exchangers. 

When it comes to heat exchange excellence, it may even seem like Goodman gas furnaces are showing off in the following ways:

  • Tubular heat exchangers: These are game changers as the aluminized-steel heat exchangers are engineered for durability.  This will come in handy in lowering the chances of needing pre-mature heat exchanger replacement, which can cost an arm and a leg.
  • Exemplary heat transfer capabilities: Goodman heat exchangers preserve the structural integrity of the tubular configuration and play a pivotal role in enhancing heat transfer efficiency. The synergy of tubular construction and wrinkle bend technology ensures longevity and optimal performance, making this furnace a reliable and efficient heating solution for your home.

Efficient Condensate Management with Sloped Heat Exchanger Design

The condensate drainage is among the most delicate yet overlooked gas furnace parts. Goodman understands how poor operation of the condensate drainage can lead to many different issues; this is why they are very particular in their design. 

The intentional slope of the heat exchanger facilitates the seamless removal of condensation, preventing the buildup of moisture within the system. This feature ensures efficient performance and contributes to the furnace’s longevity by mitigating the risks of stagnant condensation. 

Why Choose Goodman Gas Furnaces?

There are so many gas furnace brands you can choose from. However, when we say that Goodman has been a leader in this industry, you have got to believe it as we have seen how sturdily they are manufactured and how well they perform.

Looking for good reasons to buy a Goodman gas furnace? The reasons below should be your convincing points.

Trusted Reputation

Goodman maintains an A rating from the Better Business Bureau®. This showcases the company’s commitment to excellence.

Goodman takes pride in resolving concerns promptly and efficiently, earning recognition for their ability to work closely with dealers and homeowners. This esteemed rating is based on 16 performance factors highlighting Goodman’s dedication to addressing questions or issues related to our comprehensive line of heating and cooling products.

Looking for a Goodman furnace dealer near you? HVAC Santa Clarita is just a phone call away.

Robust And Reliable Warranties

Let’s be honest with you: gas furnace installation is a costly affair. Buying and installing the heating system is an investment that should serve you for the next 15-30 years. This is why you should get a solid warranty.

When it comes to warranties, Goodman did not come to play. They prioritize peace of mind for homeowners through our robust warranty coverage. They offer a:

  • lifetime compressor and heat exchanger cover,
  • a 10-year Unit replacement warranty,
  • limited Goodman furnace parts warranty on select products.

This reflects the company’s confidence in delivering lasting performance. Furthermore, before leaving the assembly line, each Goodman product undergoes rigorous testing, including an actual run test.

To ensure maximum coverage, homeowners should register online within 60 days of installation for the limited compressor warranty, and a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty.

HVAC Santa Clarita And Goodman Furnace

HVAC Santa Clarita is a reliable Goodman dealer in the larger Santa Clarita area. Our partnership with Goodman is to ensure homeowners have easy access to the Goodman gas furnaces.

We know that there are a lot of models to choose from. This can make it difficult for homeowners to make a decision. If you want a gas furnace replacement, please call us to help determine the one with features that suit your heating needs best.

We also troubleshoot Goodman gas furnaces and repair and maintain them for you. Call us today to book your appointment.

Goodman Prices 

The cost of Goodman heating systems is notably budget-friendly. The price typically falls from $2,000 to $3,250 for furnace installation. 

Goodman does not directly disclose exact pricing to consumers; individuals are directed to consult a local Goodman dealer. This is because final costs vary based on installation fees, dealer profit margins, local taxes, and the home’s heating and cooling requirements.

If you’re in Santa Clarita, call us for estimates. We also offer HVAC installation, repair, and replacement of parts such as Goodman furnace ignitors, flame sensors, and blower motors.  Simply put, we’re just a phone call away for any heating service you need.

Goodman Gas Furnace reviews

While Goodman systems are considered one of the best HVAC brands amongst professional reviewers, HVAC technicians, and homeowners, they have some downsides. 

We look at the pros and cons of Goodman gas furnaces below. Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons as highlighted below.

Goodman Furnace Pros 

  • Goodman is a reputable company with a long history of greatness, 
  • Their furnaces are affordable compared to comparable and sometimes even less reputable brands, such as a Carrier gas furnace
  • Dependable warranty on selected Goodman furnace parts. They have a lifetime warranty for their heat exchangers, even for entry-level models.
  • They have an app that helps in Goodman furnace troubleshooting, Goodman furnace codes, repair and maintenance, 
  • Both Goodman electric furnaces and gas furnaces come with a self-diagnostic control board, 
  • All their high-efficiency heating systems are ENERGY STAR® certified.


  • Goodman is a delicate furnace that develops issues if improperly installed or maintained. Even with this, the company still allows the installation to professionals. Be careful when doing this, lest your money go to waste. 
  • Goodman gas furnace are slightly louder than furnaces from comparable brands.

Goodman Gas Furnaces FAQ

What makes Goodman furnaces reliable?

Before leaving the assembly line, Goodman furnaces undergo rigorous testing, including a run test. This ensures Tubular aluminized steel heat exchangers with wrinkle bend technology are durable and highly-efficient, providing lasting comfort.

How Long Are Goodman warranties?

Goodman offers lifetime heat compressor and heat exchanger limited warranties, 10-Year Unit replacement limited warranty, and 10-Year parts limited warranty on select products. To enjoy these warranty benefits, homeowners must complete online registration within 60 days of installation for certain extended coverage.

How long does a Goodman gas furnace last?

The lifespan of a Goodman gas furnace can vary, but with proper maintenance, they typically last around 15-20 years(1). Warranty coverage, such as the lifetime compressor and heat exchanger limited warranties, can add to their longevity.

How efficient are Goodman furnaces?

Goodman furnaces are designed for efficiency. Specific models have varying Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, with many offering high efficiency to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Where are Goodman gas furnaces made?

Goodman gas furnaces are manufactured in the United States(2). The company has production facilities that contribute to the domestic production of its heating and cooling products.

Final Words

In conclusion, Goodman is a reliable choice for gas furnaces, better highlighted by its Better Business Bureau A rating. The company’s commitment to unmatched quality is evident in the durability of tubular aluminized steel heat exchangers with wrinkle bend technology. With a lifespan of around 15-20 years and high-efficiency models, Goodman furnaces offer lasting comfort and reduced energy costs. Proudly made in the USA, Goodman combines innovative design and a customer-centric approach, making it a trusted option for those seeking dependable and efficient home heating solutions. While they’re easily one of the best HVAC systems, Goodman gas furnaces call for proper installation, repair and maintenance. Feel free to contact HVAC Santa Clarita to ensure your system and your Goodman gas furnace are installed and run smoothly.

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