As gas furnace installers, a Carrier gas furnace would always be one of the best out there, thanks to the high efficiency the systems deliver. 

However, Carrier gas furnaces come in different models and series, just like in many other HVAC brands. And, whatever model works for your friend may not necessarily be suitable for you even if you live in the same neighborhood.

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Luckily, you have nothing to worry about. We’re about to review Carrier gas furnaces in detail. We take a deep dive into Carrier furnace remarkable features, Carrier furnace troubleshooting, their pros and cons, and how to get repair services when needed.

Let’s dive right in.

Carrier Furnaces: Overview

Carrier has been in the HVAC business for over 100 years. Willis Carrier, the pioneer of the inaugural modern air conditioning system in 1902, established it. Carrier has held an esteemed position as an industry trailblazer. This is why it would always be one of the recommendations we give to Santa Clarita residents looking for gas furnace replacement near me.

Carrier’s extensive furnace lineup, spanning the Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series, caters to diverse heating needs. The pinnacle model, the 59MN7, achieves an impressive AFUE rating of 98.5%, signifying exceptional fuel-to-heat conversion efficiency.

Furthermore, Carrier furnace models range in single-stage, two-stage, and modulating gas valves alongside fixed multi- and variable-speed blowers. With AFUE ratings reaching up to 98.5% and the majority surpassing 90%, these furnaces align with California regulations, showcasing a commitment to efficiency, versatility, and regulatory compliance.

Carrier Gas Furnace Features

Here are some Carrier gas furnace features that put it at the top of the heating solutions game. 

Comfort Features

Carrier has diverse furnace options catering to different comfort and budget needs. The single-stage furnace, with simple airflow control, delivers precise comfort levels.

You, however, have to opt for the Carrier 2 stage furnace, for enhanced control. These models feature high and low-stage heating options for more consistent comfort.

On the other hand, Carrier’s modulating furnaces, equipped with industry-leading climate control innovations, stand out by providing the utmost precision in temperature control and an array of premium comfort features. These cutting-edge feature ensures your home is not just heated, but perfectly tailored to your comfort preferences. 

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Nobody wants a loud gas furnace that will disturb their household’s peace and tranquility, and Carrier perfectly understands this.

For starters, the modulating and two-stage heating systems offer remarkably quiet operation compared to single-stage heating models.

Additionally, you could also opt for units with fully insulated cabinets for an extra layer of noise reduction. This not only enhances sound performance but also ensures a peaceful heating experience. If your furnace is situated in a closet or near occupied living spaces, the impressive sound performance becomes a noteworthy feature, contributing to a serene environment within your home.

Carrier’s commitment to sound optimization guarantees that your heating system operates seamlessly without disrupting the tranquility of your living spaces.

Impressive Energy Efficiency Levels

Investing in a Carrier furnace with advanced energy-efficient innovations promises immediate savings on heating bills and contributes to environmentally conscious choices. More like choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle for long-term cost-effectiveness, selecting a high AFUE-rated Carrier furnace ensures optimal energy utilization, resulting in significant savings over its operational lifespan. 

Precision Engineering at the Core: Modulating Gas Valve For Quality Operation

Look beneath a Carrier gas furnace, and you’ll likely discover a dedication to precision technology and unwavering quality. The modulating Carrier furnace gas valve, adjustable in 1% increments, contributes tremendously to precision temperature control.

Models equipped with variable-speed blowers and inducer motors ensure year-round temperature consistency and improved humidity control within your heating system. With a 90+% AFUE rating, Carrier gas furnaces boast a dual heat exchanger system — primarily handling the bulk of the work and a secondary exchanger extracting additional heat for heightened efficiency and comfort. This shows the heating capacity of Carrier furnaces.

Plus, every model features the patented PowerHeat™ igniter for reliable ignition and heating, ensuring a dependable start-up and optimal operation.

Unmatched Comfort Features

Select Carrier furnace models go beyond the basics, offering additional comfort-enhancing functions. If you’re looking for a new Carrier furnace, you have got to go for the impressive new technology integrated into their systems.

Hate the smelly summer heat? Ideal Humidity System® technology ensures relief from muggy summer air.

On the other hand, the ComfortFan™ technology allows personalized furnace fan speed control through the Infinity System Control. Carrier furnaces can be seamlessly paired with energy-efficient heat pumps, prioritizing ambient heat movement over fuel consumption for a comprehensive solution.

The Carrier Gas Furnaces Series

Carrier has products that suit different needs and budgets, like many other devices and HVAC companies. You may need an essential heating or cooling system if you have a low budget. While they would get the job done, they may need features that the advanced and high-efficiency furnaces have.

Here are Carrier gas furnace features to guide you in selecting what suits you best.

Carrier Comfort Series Gas Furnace

The Carrier Comfort Series Gas Furnace is the most economical heating solution. Offering efficiency levels from 80% to 96.5% AFUE, it operates in a single stage with fixed-speed blower motors. Backed by a robust 10-year parts limited warranty and a 20-year heat exchanger warranty, this model delivers reliable and cost-effective home heating.

Carrier Performance Series Furnace

Positioned as the mid-tier replacement furnace, the Carrier Performance Series Gas Furnace combines 80% to 96.5% AFUE efficiency with enhanced comfort features. Equipped with a variable-speed blower featuring Performance Edge relative humidity control and two-stage gas valve technology, this series provides an optimal balance of performance and comfort.

Carrier Infinity Series + Greenspeed Intelligence

The pinnacle of Carrier’s offerings, the Infinity Series with Greenspeed Intelligence stands as the company’s premier gas furnace model.

This is their most advanced technology tailored for homes seeking optimal efficiency and temperature control. These heating systems integrate cutting-edge HVAC technology to monitor indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

With variable-speed blowers maximizing energy efficiency, this furnace ensures constant comfort, maintaining your home at the ideal temperature. The result is superior comfort and long-term cost savings, as it efficiently utilizes heating energy, minimizing waste and reducing utility bills. Elevate your home heating experience with the epitome of Carrier’s technological prowess.

If you have the budget for this energy star-rated series, and modulating system, go for it; the long-term comfort and energy savings would be worth every coin spent.

Carrier Furnace Warranties

Gas furnaces are costly. This is true whether you buy Goodman, Carrier, Mitsubishi, or an Amana gas furnace. You have to think it over before getting a new furnace. It is an investment that should serve you for 20 years. However, like any other device, anything can happen even before the system has half its expected lifespan.

This is why you need to have a proper warranty to cover you. To show that they have trust in their work, Carrier stands out as a highly reliable choice for new gas furnaces, renowned for its robust warranties. These warranties often span a comprehensive ten years, covering repairs post-installation.

With Carrier’s extensive network of parts warehouses nationwide, key replacement components are readily available. This ensures that, in the event of issues, repairs can often be swiftly completed on the same day you contact a certified Carrier technician for assistance.

Carrier Furnace Installation Cost

The average cost for a Carrier gas furnace installation hovers around $2,882 for homeowners. However, installation expenses can extend up to $8,250 for higher-efficiency models.

For a 2,000-square-foot home requiring a Carrier furnace with a 100,000 BTU capability, the average installation cost is $3,980. If opting for the Carrier Performance 90 59TP6 gas furnace alone, expect to pay around $1,644.

Precise HVAC installation estimates vary based on local labor rates and potential additional services like new ductwork. Feel free to contact your local HVAC technician for a more elaborate quote.

If you’re in Santa Clarita, feel free to call us. We deal in heating services and air conditioning in Santa Clarita. 

Carrier Gas Furnace Pros And Cons


  • Homeowners looking to purchase from the industry leader
  • Anyone who values a quiet system
  • Those concerned with energy efficiency


  • Not ideal for homeowners on a budget

HVAC Santa Clarita And Carrier Gas Furnace Service 

Are you looking for the installation or replacement of a gas furnace repair in my area? We have you covered if you’re in the larger Santa Clarita away. 

We offer free consultation and cost estimation services. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire a new Carrier HVAC system, repair your current one, service it, or generally any “heating service near me” in Santa Clarita, we’re the guys to trust. 

We have been in the business for decades, and it has been success after success when it comes to offering our clients affordable heating success. 

Be part of our success stories; call us today to consult or book your appointment. 

Carrier Gas Furnace FAQs

How reliable are Carrier gas furnaces?

Carrier gas furnaces are highly reliable and known for durability and exceptional warranties, offering peace of mind and minimizing the need for repairs or replacements. You just have to be vigilant with maintenance to keep them going as needed.

What warranties come with Carrier furnaces?

Comprehensive warranties cover Carrier furnaces for up to 10 years(1). These showcases the company’s commitment to durability and industry-leading customer protection. These warranties may not be the best out there, but they are still reasonable.

Are Carrier parts readily available for repairs?

The Carrier boasts a vast network of parts warehouses nationwide, ensuring prompt availability of critical components for efficient and same-day repairs when needed. Feel free to contact your local HVAC technician to get parts for repairs.

What is the average cost of a Carrier gas furnace?

The average cost for a Carrier gas furnace installation is around $2,882 on the lower end. However, with variations depending on factors like efficiency models and home size, Carrier gas furnace installation can go over $8000(2).

Are Carrier gas furnaces suitable for larger homes?

Carrier offers high-capacity gas furnaces suitable for larger homes, providing efficient and reliable heating solutions for diverse living spaces. For instance, the Carrier 80000 btu furnace is large enough to even cover vast residential spaces. Consult with your HVAC tech to get a Carrier HVAC system suitable for your home size.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Comfort with Carrier Gas Furnaces

Carrier is your go-to company whether you’re looking for an air conditioner, heat pump, gas, or oil furnace; they will always have something for you.

Carrier gas furnaces stand as a beacon of reliability and efficiency, offering homeowners a blend of cutting-edge technology and reliable warranties. From the economical Comfort Series to the pinnacle of technological innovation in the Infinity Series with Greenspeed Intelligence, Carrier furnaces deliver optimal heating performance. At HVAC Santa Clarita, your local HVAC experts in the larger Santa Clarita area, we specialize in seamlessly integrating Carrier gas furnaces into your home. From repairs to replacements, maintenance, and precise installations, our skilled team ensures your comfort is our top priority. Trust HVAC Santa Clarita for all your Carrier gas furnace needs; call us today to make that appointment.

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