What is the ideal  AC temperature for cats?

Cats are very adaptable pets. However, they cannot get up and grab a sweater when they are cold- obviously.

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As a cat owner, you, therefore, have to watch out for your cat’s temperature.

And how do you know your cat is uncomfortable with the room temperature? You will  by observing the cat’s behavior. You, however, do not have to wait until your cat shows signs of discomfort. 

You need to set the correct air conditioning temperature for your cat’s safety. 

Keep reading to get tips to set the correct body temperatures for your house.

What is the Ideal AC Temp for Cats?

Note: Your cat needs to maintain a body temperature of above 90 degrees. If your cat’s body temperature decreases, it increases the risk of hypothermia.

Unfortunately cats do not retain heat as well as humans. You, therefore, need to step in and help them in their heat retention. 

 Searching for a “heating company near me” will land you a partner that will help keep your cats warm. 

What Temperature is Too Cold for Cats?

First things first, cats hate cold weather. Therefore, in any season, you need to keep your cat warm.

And in this comes the question of how cold is too cold for cats?

Having your thermostat at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit will keep your cat cozy all winter.

Cats will be okay in a room of 50-60 degrees. This may not be ideal, and you will most likely notice the cat seeking to retain its body heat.

What are the Signs That My Cat is Too Cold?

The following signs may mean that your cats would appreciate some heating in the house:

  • trying to escape cold temperatures such as snuggling in your laps, moving closer to the radiator or getting snuggly in a blanket,
  • Lower heart rate,
  • shivering,
  • dilated pupils,
  • weak and passive movements,
  • Slow and shallow breaths.

If you spot these signs in your cat indoors, the first thing would be to increase your room temperature.

Signs Your Cat Is Too Warm

How do you know when indoor cats are too hot?

It would be ideal if you looked out for signs to know when to beef up the air conditioning.

Here are signs that your cat is struggling with temperatures too high than ideal room temperature:

  • they are less active,
  • looking for cooler places to lie on, such as a cold floor,
  • they drink more water,
  • they pant
  • Sprawling out more on the floor rather than curling up in the ball.

If you notice these signs, you need to cool your house more for your cat. An air conditioning system will help your cat cool down on hot days.

If you do not have one, searching for “AC installers near me” would match you to your local HVAC technician. 

Should I leave the AC on for My Cat?

Typically, a cat’s body temperature is between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that cats can tolerate higher temperatures than humans. A person’s average body temperature is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, just because your cat can tolerate warm temperatures does not mean you should turn off your air conditioner. Even when you leave your house in summer, you need to have that air conditioning on.

While stepping out on a hot summer day, ensure you set your AC unit at 75–78℉.

Note: Fans do not cool cats or dogs. You, therefore, have your air conditioning on and running.

For your AC to sustain this need without breaking down unexpectedly, you need to conduct annual AC maintenance

Best AC Temperature for Cats at Home

We advise how to maintain the ideal temperature for cats in summer and winter.

Ideal House Temperature for Cats in Winter

During winter, set your thermostat between 69 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal when you are at home.

If your cat is all healthy, it will be comfortable in this temperature range.

We also recommend setting your thermostat a little higher if it is lean or more petite.

However, when you step out of your house during winter, you want an ideal setting for your cat while still catering to energy efficiency.

While stepping out, ensure your thermostat is not lower than 60 degrees. A programmable thermostat can help you program the ideal temperature when you return.

Tip: If you lower your thermostat to 60, provide your cat with a blanket to curl up.

The ideal temperature for Cats in Summer

In summer, we recommend keeping your thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This would be comfortable for your cat and you too.

However, if you have a large cat or one with thick fur, they will be comfortable a few degrees lower.

If you are going to step out during summer, ensure that the thermostat setting is not any higher than 82 degrees. With this cool and fresh water, your cat will be comfortable.

Energy Saving Tips for Cat Owners

If you own a cat, you want to ensure your HVAC system is in excellent condition to cater to your and your cat’s comfort. You, however, do not have to spend so much money while at it.

Here are tips to keep your cats comfortable while maintaining your energy consumption low.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

You want your cat to be comfortable all day, even when you step out. You, however, do not want your air conditioner to keep running for hours while you are away.

A programmable thermostat will let you adjust temperatures even while on the move automatically.

Set your thermostat to the right temperature for each season

One of the greatest secrets of energy efficiency while using your HVAC system is mastering the air conditioner cat relation and how to play around with your thermostat.

While in winter or cold weather, 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

When summer comes, have your thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees when you are home (1).

When stepping out, you can set your thermostat a little lower in winter or a little higher in summer. You can customize AC temperature in spring depending on yours and your cat’s comfort. 

Note: Cats can handle temperature discrepancies better than human beings. However, be keen not to expose your cat to extreme temperatures.

Ditch the fans

If you have been using your fan to cool your cat, it is a total waste of energy.

Cats do not cool down through sweating. Therefore, your fan will not help lower the body temperature of cats.

Instead of wasting energy trying to cool your cats using a fan, have your air conditioner in excellent condition.

With this, it is clear that you will almost always need your HVAC system for your cat’s comfort and health. Therefore, you must perform regular air conditioning maintenance for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions on AC Temperature for Cats

We answer some frequently asked questions to help you keep the ideal room temperature for your cat.

What temperature should the house be for cats?

The ideal room temperature for your cat is 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can, however, set the thermostat higher and lower depending on factors such as:

  • Your pet’s breed
  • Do you have short-haired cats, those with thick coats, or hairless cats?
  • Do you have adult cats or younger ones?

You can also find other ways to provide more warmth on colder days. You can provide your cat with warm bedding, just as a way to use your air conditioning less.

What temperature is too cold for cats?

Anything in the 50s is cold for your cat. If the temperature drops below this, it is uncomfortable for your cat. This is why you must have your heating equipment in good order for your summer.

Final Thoughts on AC Temperature for Cats

You need to ensure your cats are not suffering from too much heat or too much cold.And the best way to ensure this is to ensure your HVAC system is in excellent order. HVAC Santa Clarita is one of the best air conditioning companies in Santa Clarita. Our services ensure your system caters fully to your cats’ comfort and safety.

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