Residential AC repair is not always a straightforward fix, unfortunately.

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When your air conditioner is malfunctioning, especially in the Santa Clarita summer, you do not want anything other than a quick fix.

Yes, you can get a quick fix with your knowledge of the air conditioning system. However, sometimes there is no shortcut; you must call for professional AC repair or even for 24 7 emergency ac repair.

There is nothing unenviable as being stuck with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. You, however, have nothing to worry about with us here. In this post, we take you through residential AC repairs.

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DIY Residential Central Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioning system is no longer blowing cold air, it is clear that there is a problem. The problem, however, might be small, the kind you can quickly fix. Sometimes, it is just a slight hitch.

If the AC unit is not working, before you call a professional technician, you might want to do the following:

  • Check your thermostat: the issue could be as simple as a thermostat setting. First, start by ensuring your thermostat is in cooling mode. Next, ensure the setting is lower than the current house temperature. If all this is alright, try lowering the temperature by 5 degrees and wait 10 minutes. These simple settings would help solve the issue if the issue was the thermostat.
  • Check power connection: ensure that the air conditioning unit and the thermostat have a power connection. If the thermostat is not on, think of replacing the batteries. Next, ensure that the air handler is on. Then check the fuses or circuit breakers and ensure they are not tripped or blown. The circuit breakers will be on the compressor on the outdoor unit.
  • Air filters: When the system is not functioning well, ask yourself when was the last time you changed your air filters. If it was more than two months ago, clogged air filters could be the reason behind the malfunctioning system. If it is blocked, wash it or replace it with one that matches your manufacturer’s restrictions.

When to Call for Professional Residential AC Repair

If your system had minor hitches, checking the thermostat, power or air filters would help solve that. These are minor issues that you can solve in less than 10 minutes.

If your system is not delivering cool air as needed after these troubleshooting steps, you need to call for a pro.

Also, another time to call a pro is when you need commercial AC repair; it is never wise to try and fix it yourself. 

Here are issues your system is likely facing and when to call for professional maintenance and repair.

AC is not working at all

Sometimes, your thermostat would signify the need to cool the house, but the air conditioning service unit would not turn on automatically.

If this is your issue, you may have issues with the main electrical panel. Check any secondary circuit panels and watch out for tripped breakers or a blown fuse. If you find the issue here, you can quickly solve it.

You can fix the breaker by turning off the power and then turning it back on. You may also need to replace the fuse. If you decide to take this move, remember that an air conditioner typically connects with a 240-volt circuit(1).

If this is not the issue, feel free to contact us for professional home AC repair.

AC is running but not cooling

The issue here is the air conditioning unit is on but not cooling the house.

You need to solve this issue immediately, as the system is consuming power for no good.

Here are some of the possible issues behind this and how you can solve them:

  • Thermostat issues: the first step should be to check whether the thermostat is set to cool the house. Next, verify that the temperature setting is at least 5 degrees lower than the outside temperature. Confirm that all is okay when the registers blow cold air.
  • Examine the air filter: air filters in central air conditioners are an issue you can solve on your own. Check if they are dirty, and replace or clean them as needed. If you have had them on for over three months, it is wise to replace them.
  • Condenser coil: if your AC unit is not working, you could have a blocked condenser coil. Ensure that the outside condensing unit is powered on and is not clogged up with debris such as grass, dirt, leaves and other contaminants. This kind of blockage may cause your system to blow hot air.
  • Refrigerant leaks: you need the right amount of refrigerant for your system to work well. If the refrigerant leaks, the levels automatically go low. If your cooling system has low refrigerant levels, it will not be able to absorb heat from your house. Professionals should only fix refrigerant leaks.
  • Leaky ducts: It is usually challenging to detect duct leaks unless you can spot holes in the ductwork. Your HVAC system won’t be able to cool the house well if your duct network has holes. Call your HVAC technician to perform a duct seal. This will fix the AC running and not cooling and also lower your electricity bills.

AC does not reach desired temperatures

Sometimes, the air conditioner is cooling and blowing air as needed. However, it does not achieve the thermostat setting like needed or as before.

This can be frustrating to not achieve the ideal indoor temperature during the cooling season.

If this is your case, you have some central AC repair to do too.

Here are some reasons your AC won’t reach the set temperature:

  • Loose wiring,
  • The AC unit is too small,
  • The thermostat is poorly located or calibrated,
  • The thermostat is damaged or dusty,
  • Leaky or dusty ducts.

Some simple issues can be fixed in a few minutes, for example, setting the thermostat lower or cleaning it. However, the rest of the issues will need the intervention of a professional HVAC technician.

AC is making weird noises

Another reason you will have to call for residential HVAC repair is when your air conditioner is making weird noises. This applies to both the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor unit.

Some of the weird noises that indicate you need home AC repair include:

  • buzzing,
  • screeching,
  • humming,
  • screaming,
  • bubbling,
  • rattling,
  • clicking,
  • hissing

Different noises often indicate different issues. And many times, these weird noises are often severe trouble that calls for professional residential AC repair. For instance, screeching noises often indicate an issue with the condenser fan motor, while banging noises typically indicate issues with the compressor.

These are serious issues that can quickly graduate into an emergency. Immediately search for “HVAC companies near me” when you hear any weird noises.

AC won’t turn off

The worry many times is the AC unit won’t turn on. However, sometimes, the system keeps running and won’t turn off. That, too, is an issue to worry about.

Some of the malfunctioning components that may make your AC run continuously include:

  • frozen evaporator coils,
  • malfunctioning electrical relay switch that needs to be replaced,
  • clogged air filters,
  • malfunctioning thermostat,
  • wrong thermostat setting (AC set on fan only)
  • dirty condenser coils.

As you should know already, your air conditioner should not run continuously. This is an issue, but you should be more worried about your electricity bills.

Typically, the air conditioner should run in 15-20 minutes cycles, depending on the temperature outside. If it is continuous,feel free to contact us for air conditioner repair in Santa Clarita.

AC blowing hot air

One reason your HVAC system could be blowing hot air is a refrigerant leak, resulting in low levels.

Blowing the warm air is usually the system’s struggle to reach the set thermostat temperature.

Another reason you are getting hot air from the AC unit is the thermostat setting. If you have a heat pump, ensure the thermostat is not set on “heat.” Also, ensure it is on “auto” and not “on.”

Usually, if it is not a thermostat setting, chances are you have a mechanical issue that needs the intervention of your local HVAC technician.

Can I Repair my Central Air Conditioner Myself?

Repairing your malfunctioning air conditioner yourself will save you repair costs. Sometimes, the AC repair companies are fully booked, and you may have to wait days to get an open slot. The good thing is that sometimes the issue is so minor you can fix it in a few minutes.

However, it is essential to know that some AC unit issues are better left to the professionals.

Here are some effortless measures that you can use to do a DIY home air conditioner repair:

  • Ensure your entire HVAC system is shut off for your safety. Open the electrical box next to the condensing unit to shut off the system. Then disconnect the block straight out. Verify that it is shut through the box voltage sniffer.
  • Clean the evaporator coil and the condenser coils: as you have noticed already, dirty or clogged coils are a sure way to cause different AC troubles. Therefore, if your system is not working, cleaning the condenser coil can solve the issue. Ensure you clean it with a gentle stream of water so as not to bend the fins.
  • Check the fuses: ensure they are not blown or switched off.
  • Replace or clean air filters: dirty air filters are one of the primary reasons your AC is malfunctioning. If your AC has any issues, you may want to clean or replace them before calling for professional AC repair.

Professional Residential AC Repair

It would be difficult, even impossible, for you to fix issues such as frozen coils, duct and refrigerant leaks, or AC making weird noises.

Some issues may also be categorized as DIY, but not everyone would be able to fix them.

If your AC unit is malfunctioning in any way, we recommend that you contact your HVAC technician as immediately.

Sometimes, the problem can quickly become an emergency. Yes, we have seen fires start from malfunctioning AC systems.

Also, why would you want to wait long before reaching out to the professional with the unbearable summer heat? Do not keep yourself and your family in this uncomfortable situation; contact us, an AC company Santa Clarita immediately if you notice your system is not functioning as it should.

Residential AC Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the exemplary AC repair service is not something you should gamble on, especially when your AC breaks in the middle of the cooling season.

We answer some FAQs below to help you detect any issues quickly and call for needed help.

Why is the AC running but not cooling?

The main reason your AC is running but not cooling is a blocked or clogged condenser coil. If you face this issue, turn off the system and contact your local HVAC technician for more troubleshooting and repair.

How much does it cost to fix air conditioner?

The cost of residential AC repair will vary significantly depending on the AC issue. For instance, the cost of repairing a thermostat cannot be the same as fixing air leaks.

Generally, the cost will start from a few hundred dollars to $3000, depending on the issue. Feel free to contact us for free estimates depending on your AC system issue. From the estimates, we could also tell you whether you are better off seeking AC replacement Santa Clarita CA instead. 

Can I fix my home AC myself?

This will depend mainly on what the issue is at hand. However, AC repairs are sometimes a complex process that is better left to professionals or licensed HVAC technicians.

What are common AC system problems?

If you notice any of these problems with your AC, call for repairs immediately:

  • AC unit running constantly,
  • The cooling system is not turning on or off,
  • the system not delivering cool air or releasing hot air,
  • Condenser unit or outdoor unit making weird noises,
  • air leaks,
  • water leaking from the system,
  • AC unit turning on and off more frequently than normal,
  • AC unit freezing.
  • Air Conditioner Tripping Circuit Breaker Repeatedly

Final Thoughts on Residential AC Repair

Your air conditioning system failing is not something you want to experience, especially in summer.

However, this is something that happens every other day. If it happens, you can trust us with the AC repair. Do not suffer in the summer heat; get help as soon as you notice your system is malfunctioning.


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