Are you looking for rooftop AC unit repair service? If yes, we are glad you are here because we have got you covered.

With regular AC repair, there is usually no trouble with you trying to troubleshoot. However, when it comes to rooftop AC repair, we strongly recommend that you leave any repairs and maintenance to professionals.

In this age of DIY, we would definitely get asked why rooftop AC repairs are better left for professionals.

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For starters, the location of the rooftop units is remote. Trying to access them yourself is 100% a safety hazard. You need proper training and tools to safely do this on your own.

If your rooftop AC unit is malfunctioning, the safest step to take is immediately call for professional help. 

We detail below how to get quick rooftop AC repairs.

Most Common Reasons to Put AC on the Rooftop Unit

People decide to put HVAC systems on the roof due to their large size and noise. If you would like to avoid the noise distraction that comes with an HVAC unit, the best bet would be to put it on the roof.

Also, since rooftop units are typically constructed as all-in-one unit, they are easy to maintain. It saves you the burden of maintaining or repairing several cooling units whose components are typically separated into indoor and outdoor units. This is why commercial air conditioning companies recommend rooftop ACs for commercial buildings; it will save you big time on maintenance fees. 

It is also ideal for people who want to maximize their indoor and outdoor space.

A rooftop unit comes with lots of advantages. For instance, cooling is natural and effortless as cool air directly falls on the system.

However, the downside is that you may not easily know when to repair an AC. You cannot access it easily and hear it if it makes unusual noises. You want to perform regular and timely rooftop AC unit maintenance to avoid malfunctioning.

Even with regular maintenance, it is not uncommon to need AC repair. The big question, therefore, is how will you know you need to call for rooftop AC repair.

Find out below.

Signs you need rooftop AC Repair

Here are tell-tale signs that you must contact your local HVAC contractors for rooftop AC repair.

Reduced Performance

If the overall cooling or heating has gone down, your system is experiencing issues. You can spot performance deterioration when:

  • the system is not cooling the house at all,
  • the cooling is slower than before,
  • Air vents are releasing warm air instead of cold air,
  • Inconsistent cooling through the building; hot and cold spots.

Get HVAC home services as soon as you experience such issues. 

Reduced Efficiency

If the cost of heating is going high and you cannot point out the reason, chances are you need to repair your rooftop HVAC system.

Sudden increase in cooling costs means that your rooftop unit is facing issues that reduce efficiency. Get repair services to lower the costs back to normal.

Poor Air Quality

If the air quality deteriorates, chances are high that some parts of your home air conditioning systems are clogged in dust.

How will you know the air quality has deteriorated? Watch out for:

  • more stuffiness in the house,
  • dust on the surfaces,
  • more allergic reactions,
  • increased humidity.

If you notice any of these signs, chances are you need to change your air filters and clean your air conditioner. This should be routine maintenance practice for your AC both in residential and commercial spaces. Doing this should help enhance the quality of your indoor air.

If not, immediately call for rooftop AC unit repair. Do not wait until a small problem graduate into a more serious and costly issue.

Common Rooftop Air Conditioner Problems and How to Repair Them

We list some common issues your rooftop air conditioning unit will likely face.

We also give you tips on how to troubleshoot and try to fix the problem. If the troubleshooting does not work, or if you are having emergency issues, please contact us for Emergency AC repair Santa Clarita services.

The rooftop AC Won’t Turn On

When your rooftop AC doesn’t turn on, the first suspect is power. Check that no breakers are tripped and ensure all fuses are intact.

Also, ensure that the switch powering the rooftop unit is not overloaded. If it is, remove all the other devices and have just the rooftop unit.

If these steps do not fix the issue, immediately call an HVAC expert.

Rooftop Air Conditioner Turns on and Off Repeatedly

If your rooftop unit is short cycling, the first issue to look at is if you have frozen coils.

If you notice you have ice on your coils, turn your system to fan mode. Alternatively, you can switch it off and allow the ice to thaw.

After the ice fully thaws, clean the air filters and the coils.

If, after cleaning the ice still forms, you may be having a bad thermostat or coil issues. Contact your technician to help fix the problem.

Rooftop Air Conditioner is Leaking

When we are talking about your AC leaking, it could be water or refrigerant.

Whatever the kind of leak, you must have a certified HVAC technician onboard. A refrigerant leak is a big blow to your system as the cooling process will not be effective. With low refrigerant levels, your system must overwork to cool your house. This means that the wear and tear will be speedy.

With refrigerant leaks, looking for AC replacement near me is sometimes safe. 

Water leaks from your rooftop system can quickly damage the HVAC machinery. If it leaks down your walls, it can as well be destructive.

If you have a water leak, you need to have a technician look at the sloping of your drain pan and lines.

Rooftop Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

If your air conditioner is on, but not blowing cold air, then you need to check the indoor coils and the outdoor coils on the rooftop unit.

Are they covered in dust or grime? If yes, then that could be the reason your cooling unit is blowing hot air.

Start by cleaning the AC coils and see if the system starts cooling well.

If not, try straightening the fins using a fin comb. If this does not solve the problem, you are most likely facing a mechanical issue that needs a HVAC contractor on site.

Contact us for any outdoor AC unit repair services.

24/7 heating and air conditioning repair services

If your rooftop air conditioning unit is not functioning as well as before, we at HVAC Santa Clarita would be glad to get it back on the right track.

Also, we offer rooftop unit installation services if you have decided that they are the right choice for you.

Rooftop AC Unit Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Rooftop Units Last?

Generally, rooftop AC units last between 15-20 years. However, their lifespan can be reduced significantly depending on a number of factors such as:

  • your maintenance routine,
  • storm damage,
  • other weather agents such as snow

How much is a rooftop AC unit cost?

Rooftop AC units cost between $6000 and $12000(1). You want to keep this in mind wile deciding whether to repair or replace your rooftop AC unit.

Final Thoughts on Rooftop AC Unit Repair

We are wrapping it up. By now, you know how vulnerable rooftop AC units can be; they are exposed to the harshest weather, such as storms.

Due to this, and several other factors, they will develop issues. If you realize the performance of your system, have an HVAC technician.

Contact us for speedy rooftop AC repairs. We would gladly get your malfunctioning rooftop AC unit back on track.


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