Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump vs HVAC

Heat pump vs HVAC, which is the best? If you are looking for a heating and cooling system, you must have come across this question. You can use a conventional air conditioner or an HVAC system for your house. You may need a furnace combination for winter if you have a conventional air conditioner. On … Read more

Mini Split vs Heat Pump

Mini split vs heat pump, which is the best temperature control system for your house? Many homeowners are now interested in ducted heat pumps to heat and cool their houses. This is an excellent way because a heat pump is a performer. However, if you have researched, you will realize that mini-split systems are great … Read more

heat pump attic

Heat Pump Attic

The heat pump attic installation has always been a controversial debate among homeowners. Go to Reddit or wherever, and you will find everyone with a different opinion. The case is almost similar even for HVAC contractors; some would swear by it, while some would highly discourage it. We, therefore, take this opportunity to look at … Read more

heat pump vs air conditioner

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner

Before you call your air conditioning service for an upgrade or replacement, you must keenly analyze the heat pump vs air conditioner debate. If you are in a moderate climatic area, you can choose between several heating options, such as a heat pump or an air conditioner. However, the thing about having this choice is … Read more