Are you looking to get an attic furnace?

In Santa Clarita, many furnaces are installed in the basement or the lower levels of the house.

However, it is now common for homeowners to move it to the attic.

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This makes you wonder…

Why move the furnace to the attic? 

 Is the furnace safe in the attic? 

Can a furnace be installed in the attic?

We look at the attic furnace issue in detail below.

Pros and Cons of Furnace Attic Installation

There is a common misconception that the furnace belongs on the lower levels of your house. This happens in most houses as they install it in the basement, a closet on the ground floor or the garage. At one point, you will need AC repair Santa Clarita services, which will be easier if your HVAC is in the basement. 

But what if you do not have a basement? A good number of houses do not have basements and garages but have attics.

You can always go to the attic. However, it comes with distinct pros and cons you want to consider before moving.

We list them below.

Pro: Less Noise

An operating furnace can be noisy. If you still want the warm air in winter but are fed up with the noise, the best way out is to have an HVAC in attic.

The attic is further from day-to-day living spaces. With it up there, you can enjoy the warm air without having to endure a noisy operation.

Pro: More Space

We can always use accessible space for a better cause.

And the quest to obtain more free space is why many homeowners have a furnace installed in their attics.

You can free up an entire closet if you move yours and install an attic furnace.

If you are looking to make better use of the lower levels of your house, feel free to contact us for a furnace install Santa Clarita. We will move it to the upper level of your house.

Pro: Shorter Ducts

If your house has multiple levels, installing the furnace in the attic would be the best bet.

You will not need much ductwork to distribute warmed air through the house. You will need longer ducts if your furnace is located in the basement.

Shorter ducts are, of course, cheaper. Cleaning them will also cost less.

Also, you minimize the chances of air leaks if they are shorter.

Pro: It can be easy to install

The common misconception is that attics cannot go in the furnace because of how small the space typically is.

However, with modern furnace designs, you can install them horizontally or vertically.

If you have a small attic, you can easily have a furnace installed vertically.

It is also possible to have an attic on the attic floor or hanging from the rafters; the possibilities are many.

Pro: Lowered Risk of Flood Damages

Attic furnaces face a significant risk of flood damage.

This can happen after hurricanes or after snow melts.

You can also face this after pipe bursts or forgotten running taps. If you want to protect your HVAC system from flood damage, the safest place to have it is in the attic.

Con: Difficult Servicing

Generally, basements are larger than attics.

Servicing furnaces in small attic spaces can be complicated for HVAC technicians.

You do not even want to get into the details of how complicated it can be for you to access it.

If you decide to install your furnace in the attic, know you are making the maintenance service more complicated.

Yeah, the complication involves dealing with the dingy conditions of the attic every other time.

All in all, feel free to reach out to us for furnace repair Santa Clarita, whether it is in the attic or basement. 

Cons: Minor Issues Go Undetected

If your furnace is installed in the attic, you risk overlooking minor issues. These can pile up and cause the need for significant repair.

They may also develop into serious issues very fast. For instance, leaks can cause fires if you use a gas furnace.

If you install a gas furnace in the attic, ensure safety by always having properly functioning alarm systems.

 Don’t wait to experience problems before you can get professional heating services from your HVAC technician. 

Con: Increased Chances of Duct Damage

As much as you will have shorter ducts, if your system is the attic, you face more risk of duct issues.

The attic temperatures in summer can get extremely hot. These scorching temperatures can cause tiny tears on your ductwork. This is typical because the flexible ducts go into the attic.

With these small tears on the ductwork, the performance of even the high-efficiency furnaces will drop.

Always watch for air leaks whether you have an electric or gas furnace.

Cons: Naturally lower efficiency

This is not even about your attic furnace’s mechanism or features.

You already know that warm air naturally rises while cold air falls. A furnace installed in the attic will have to work harder to force air to the lower levels of the house.

This means that a furnace in the basement will have much simpler work as the air will naturally rise.

If you have a furnace in the attic, you will pay a little more energy bills than if you had the same furnace in the basement.

Also, from this, it is evident that putting an air conditioner in the attic is more practical than putting an attic in there.

Cons: You’ll Have More Holes In Your Ceiling

Still, under the principle of warm air rises, you will have to create holes in your ceiling to facilitate the ducts to the lower levels.

With these holes in the ceiling, you may have to face more dust issues and even rodent droppings.

How Much Does An Attic Furnace Cost?

The attic furnace cost is still essential, with all the pros and cons.

The cost will depend on the furnace you end up with. Remember that there is a furnace suitable for every attic. Is the space small enough for you to go for horizontal attic furnaces?

Are you buying an electric or gas furnace?

What is the energy efficiency of the furnace you are buying?

However, you can expect to pay anything from $3000 to $7000.

Also, remember not to focus only on installation costs. Operation costs will stick with you for longer. To lower your operation costs, you may want to insulate your attic before installing any air conditioning or furnace in the attic.

Our Verdict: Attic in Furnace

From the discussed pros and cons, it is clear that an attic furnace is an excellent idea if you have minimal space on the lower levels of the house.

However, since the performance is lowered when you mount your furnace on higher levels, you may want to let go of the idea altogether. We would discourage you from doing it unless you experience frequent floods or have no lower space at all.

In addition to lowered efficiency, your local HVAC contractor may charge you more to service your attic furnace than they would charge you to service a basement furnace.

The best idea is to have an HVAC technician come on site and help decide whether it is suitable for you to have an attic furnace or not.. 

Attic Furnace Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some FAQs to help you determine whether an attic furnace is an excellent idea for you or not.

Is it OK to put a furnace in the attic?

Yes, it is now a trend that many homeowners are adopting.

As long as you have it well installed and your attic is well insulated, there is no issue with the choice.

Is it better to have the furnace in the attic or the garage?

This will significantly depend on your situation. If you have o space in the lower levels of your house, and if you experience floods, you are safe having your furnace in the attic.

However, if you have space in the garage or basement, you are better off installing your furnace than in the attic.

How long does an attic furnace last?

Your attic can last 15-20 years(1). It will all depend on how properly you maintain it. If you are diligent with the servicing, you can expect it to last longer.

Can you put a high-efficiency furnace in an attic?

Going for high-efficiency models in your attic is the best idea. Remember that an attic in the furnace naturally has reduced efficiency since warm rises, but it will have to drop in this situation.

If you go for a low-efficiency furnace, you will generally perform poorly with higher electric bills.

Final Thoughts

If you think of having your furnace in the attic, you want to analyze its pros and cons first.

It is complicated to say whether it is a good or bad thing. What you have to do is determine whether it is practical for you.

There is no such option for some people as they may not have spaces on the lower levels of their houses.

Unsure whether an attic in the furnace is a practical idea for you or not? Feel free to contact HVAC Santa Clarita. We would gladly offer our professional advice concerning attic AC unit installation.

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