What is the ideal AC temperature for dogs?

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This is an essential query all dog owners should worry about. Your dog most likely spends

This is an important question every dog owner should consider. After all, your dog likely spends more time at home than you do, so their comfort is crucial when setting the air conditioning.

What temperature is comfortable for your dog at home?

Should you keep the air conditioner on for your dog when you’re not home?

And do dogs get cold in AC?

Keep reading to learn how to use your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment to make sure your dog stays comfortable with AC repair Santa Clarita and air conditioning service Santa Clarita.

What’s the Ideal AC Temperature for Dogs

You need to know that dogs have no exact ideal house temperature.

Ideally, it is recommended that the dog’s AC temperature be between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can, however, go higher or lower than this depending on the following factors:

  • Size of dog: dogs come in many different sizes. Smaller dogs get colder quickly than bigger dogs. Therefore, if you have a smaller dog, you want to keep their room warmer.
  • Dog’s weight: lean dogs will get colder than heavy-weight dogs. You want to cater to them more when the temperature drops.
  • Coat: If your dog has a thin or short coat, it will get colder faster than those with thick and long coats.
  • Age: Puppies get colder easily than older dogs. You want to keep an extra keen eye on the body heat retention of your younger dogs.
  • Dog’s health: Dogs that suffer from chronic ailments like joint conditions will love it more in a slightly warmer house.

You may want to consult with your dog’s vet whether the dog will prefer warmer temperatures.

Best AC Temp for Dogs at Home

At this point, the common answer of “do dogs need AC” is quite obvious; yes, they do. 

Considering the above factors, you can adjust your AC thermostat to suit your dogs’ comfort.

Use the following recommendations to help your dog stay comfortable through the seasons.

Best AC Temperature for Dogs During Winter

In winter, we recommend setting your thermostat between 69 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This setting applies whenever you are home.

If you have a large dog with a long and thick coat, they will likely be comfortable with this setting. However, if your dog is smaller and with a short coat, you want to go slightly higher in your thermostat setting.

If you leave your house in winter, your thermostat should go no lower than 60 degrees. Remember to set at least three degrees higher for small, younger or ill dogs. The room temperature for puppies should always be warmer than that of older dogs(1). 

House temperature for Dogs in Summer

When summer starts, the best temperature for dogs is anything from 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Most dogs will be comfortable with this temperature.

However, if you have dogs with thick coats or extensive, you want to go a couple of degrees lower.

If you are away in summer, your thermostat setting should not be above 82 degrees. This is a comfortable setting for the dogs while still being energy efficient for you.

Remember: Dogs over-sweat easily, especially those with thick fur coats. Therefore, you must ensure that your air conditioners are in excellent order before summer. Always schedule home AC maintenance a week or two before the cooling season.

Energy Saving Tips for Dog Owners

You want your pets comfortable, but you also want to save energy.

Maintaining the ideal dog temperature indoors can be expensive, especially when you step out.

However, with the right thermostat, air conditioning and practices, you will strike a perfect balance between comfortable dogs and energy saving.

Here are tips that will help you maintain a perfect balance between the two

Consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

If you would like your dog to feel comfortable all day long, even when you are out, a programmable thermostat is non-negotiable.

A programmable thermostat will ensure your dog is comfortable all day, in cold and hot weather, without using too much energy.

This is an excellent way to not worry about your dog suffering from heat stress or even hypothermia while at work.

Know your thermostat setting for all seasons

Knowing how to manipulate your thermostat setting will go a long way in ensuring house temp for dogs. 

For winter, 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect balance when you are also indoors.

For summer, 75 to 78 degrees when you are indoors will do the magic.

Note: Do not be afraid to set your temperature a little higher in summer or a little lower in winter. Feel free to customize the setting to suit your dogs’ needs.

Dogs can survive in temperature ranges of 32 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. You, however, want to play with the safe and comfortable ranges for the different seasons.

Switch off the Fans

For yourself, a fan can help you during extreme temperatures.

However, animals do not cool off from fans. Their cooling mechanism and working principle of the fan are not compatible.

Instead of wasting energy powering your fan, you are better off adjusting your thermostat to make the indoor temperature suitable for the dog.

Warming Dogs during winter

Many people opt for heaters to warm their dogs when it starts freezing.

We highly discourage you from using space heaters. If you have to, have them as a temporary option. They will warm your dogs and keep them comfortable all day long. They are, however, dangerous.

If you choose to use a space heater, never leave it unattended, even if you are in the next room. This means that you cannot run errands and leave your dogs comfortable.

We highly recommend that you get your HVAC system for your dogs’ comfort. This way, you can keep your dogs warm without worrying even when you are away for hours.

The only time we would recommend using a space heater is when you have schedule for an emergency AC repair after a sudden breakdown.

Keeping your Dogs Cool in Summer

An excellent way to keep your dogs cool in summer is using any of the following:

  • window unit
  • a portable air conditioner,
  • a ductless AC system

These are ideal if you want to confine your dogs to a restricted area. You can only warm the area rather than using a central AC to warm the entire house.

You will save so much energy by getting a ductless AC unit for your dogs and cats.

Ideal AC temperature for Dogs Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some frequently asked questions below to help ensure you provide the proper heating and air conditioning for your dog.

Is the AC too cold for my dog?

If you set your thermostat right, your dog will be fine. In fact, our dog will appreciate the cool AC breeze if it is a hot summer day.

However, your dog will be uncomfortable if it is colder than 45 degrees.

Watch out for these signs of a cold dog:

  • shivering or trembling or any other attempts to warm their body,
  • tucked tail,
  • whining and barking,

Is AC good for dogs?

Yes, AC is good for protecting dogs from overheating. It can help you prevent heat stress and heat stroke in your dogs.

What is the best indoor temperature for dogs?

Anything between 69 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit will work perfectly. To also answer the question of “do dogs need air conditioning”, yes, they like it on hot summer days. Customize it depending on your dog; health, breed, size and weight. 

What Temperature is Too hot for dogs inside?

According to Animal Welfare, anything above 80 degrees is dangerous for dogs. You want to keep the temperatures consistently lower than this.

Final Thoughts on Ideal AC Temperature for Dogs

We are convinced that you know what temperature is too hot for dogs at this stage. And you know what temperature is too cold for dogs. We also trust you know how to tend to your dog’s body heat to ensure maximum temperature.

At HVAC Santa Clarita, we help you give your canine friend the best temperature, whether you are indoors or out. Feel free to contact us for your HVAC needs that will help give your dog the best there is.

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