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The AC condenser is one overlooked part of the air conditioner. Being outside, many homeowners forget about caring for it and only focus on the indoor unit.

With poor maintenance practice, your air conditioner condenser will malfunction frequently. If you discover any malfunctions, it is wise to get professional repair immediately. If you keep using a malfunctioning system, you will destroy it entirely and have to replace it.

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It is no secret that AC condenser replacement can be costly. You do not want to wait until you get here. Get repair as soon as you notice an issue, however minor.

Below, we look at some AC condenser problems and how to fix them.

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Understand your AC Condenser

The condenser is a technical name for the outdoor part of your air conditioning system. It plays a critical part in heat transfer.

First, through the AC compressor in the condenser, the refrigerant gas is converted into liquid. This process cools the liquid, letting go of all the heat absorbed indoors.

This means heat transfer will not happen effectively if any part of the AC condenser malfunctions. Depending on the damage, any defects may result in more damage to even the indoor parts of the AC unit, such as the evaporator coil. Not sure what it is? Learn about evaporator coil vs condenser coil.

Signs of a Faulty AC Condenser

How do you know your house’s AC condenser is having issues?

Watch out for these signs:

  • reduced cooling/air conditioner blowing warm air,
  • refrigerant leaks,
  • electrical malfunctions,
  • weird noises from the condenser unit,
  • unit leaking a noticeable amount of liquid,
  • short-cycling.

AC Condenser Problems and How to Fix Them

Below are some of the AC condenser problems homeowners face.

These typically develop due to:

  • wear and tear after usage over a long time,
  • poor maintenance.

These issues may also develop even despite proper AC maintenance. It is a machine, after all.

Dirty AC Components

For starters, ensure that the outside unit is clean.

Because the condenser unit is located outside, it will get dirtier than the inside. It is exposed to more dirt, grass and weather agents. There will be grass and shrubs growing around the unit.

If your condenser is malfunctioning, start by cleaning the unit. Also, ensure that nothing is obstructing it.

Cleaning the unit is something you can do yourself. Here you can read how to clean ac condenser coils.

However, if you decide to go the professional way, it typically costs approximately $200.

Condenser Coil Leak Repair

Another reason you will need condenser repair is faulty and leaky tubes.

Sometimes, the tubes rupture or break apart. It may be due to the high pressure or wear and tear after extensive use.

Sometimes, it is due to impact that you will experience leaks. But many times, it is due to old age.

The solution to leaks in the condenser coil is to get a replacement. You cannot replace the condenser seals and tubes.

Line & Radiator Blockage

Debris can accumulate in the condenser unit and block it. This blockage eventually leads to condenser failure.

This blockage starts with external particles such as dust. However, what eventually causes blockage is the metallic parts of the coil wearing out. This happens due to the self-destructing nature of a poorly maintained condenser coil.

You can just have your AC technician unblock the system if the damage is not too much. However, if the metal has worn out, you must replace some critical system parts.

Bad Run Capacitor

The run capacitors power the condenser coil fans.

If the run capacitor is defective, it will jump but will not start the motor.

Their decline can be gradual or sudden.

The best solution for this is to search for “AC repair santa clarita” and get it repaired. 

Bad Condenser Relay Switch

The condenser fan relay switch is a vital part of the condenser. This is because it switches the fan on and off whenever you turn the AC unit.

Simply put, it is the pushing button for the fan, without which the condenser coil will not function well.

This is typically a simple and inexpensive repair. Contact your technician for the services.

Faulty Control Board

The control board of the condenser serves as the link between the various parts of the air conditioning unit. A faulty control board, therefore, means a communication breakdown in the cooling system. When this happens, essential parts of the condenser unit, such as the fan motor and the coil, will not function.

Damaged AC Condenser Coil

This is one of the severe issues AC condensers face. This problem is typically caused by a variety of things such as:

  • debris accumulation,
  • impact,
  • corrosion due to extensive use.

If the air conditioner condenser coil is damaged, the best way to do this is to get a professional AC coil repair or completely replace it. Unfortunately, this can be an expensive affair. An AC condenser coil can cost you upward of $3000.

If your AC warranty is already expired, we recommend that you get a whole new AC system. This will be much more worth your money instead of getting a new condenser coil to start financing other AC problems shortly after.

Burnt Motor

If you realize that your fan motor is starting to move slowly, you can be assured that it is burning out. Rarely does it burn out suddenly? This scenario often happens due to too much stress on the AC compressor and poor maintenance.

An easy repair would be to replace it. However, ensure you are working with a professional who will match the motor to the specifications of your air conditioner. If they do not match, you will start facing more problems soon after.

When to Repair or Replace an AC Condenser Coil

Sometimes, repairing the AC condenser can be expensive. If you have to replace some parts, the prices can quickly get outrageous.

Sometimes, homeowners have to weigh whether the repair prices are worth it.

If your system is more than ten years old, you are better off completely replacing it. The wear and tear in such an old unit will often be too expensive to fix. For financial purposes and not missing out on the recent advancement of the air conditioners, better go for a replacement if your system is old.

Other than efficiency upgrading, take that as an opportunity to let go of R22 air conditioner models. Whether you are looking for commercial AC  installation near me, or replacement for your residential house, feel free to reach out to us. 

Home AC Condenser Repair & Replacement Cost

One crucial factor determining whether people are getting an AC repair or replacement is the cost of the service.

Repairing the condenser will cost anything from $150 to $3000. This may come with additional hourly labor charges depending on the HVAC company you are working with.

The cost will always depend on how big the repair is. For instance, minor repairs such as repairing the condenser tubes will only cost you several hundred dollars. However, the prices will quickly get high if it involves extensive repairs such as fixing the condensing coil.

Sometimes, homeowners are caught in a cycle of repairing the AC condenser. After several back-to-back repairs, it is wise to get a replacement once and for all. 

AC condenser replacements cost approximately $3000 depending on factors such as the brand and the air conditioner size(1).

However, if you want to avoid paying such high prices for central AC replacement, we recommend that you perform AC condenser maintenance and inquire about central ac repair first.

AC Condenser Coil Repair

Looking at the prices of AC repairs, many homeowners would want to try and perform the repairs themselves.

However, to warn you, AC condenser repairs are usually not a good project for DIYers.

There are some issues you can troubleshoot, but it is not a guarantee that you will succeed.

If your AC condenser is malfunctioning, you may try and do these:

  • Clean the particles and debris around the system: ensure you clear all the vegetation and dust from the system. This is something you can do monthly.
  • Clean the fan blades: Ensure the AC system is off while cleaning fan blades; protect yourself from injury. Use a soft brush to vacuum the blades, clearing out all the dust. Ensure no part is bent or damaged.
  • Lubrication: Motor lubrication is another step you can take to fix your AC condenser. Doing this annually will ensure your motor is running smoothly.
  • Check that the condenser is working well: Switch on the AC and allow it to run for a while. Watch the condenser for any signs of problems or malfunctioning. Be sure to call a professional in case you notice that anything is off.

These steps will not solve mechanical problems with your AC  condenser. If these do not work, feel free to contact us for HVAC repair Santa Clarita

AC Condenser Repair FAQ

What Is an AC Condenser Coil?

The metal coil part of your AC system is located outside the house. It converts refrigerant into a liquid. The gas cools into liquid, letting go of all the heat it had absorbed from indoors. Once cooled, the liquid refrigerant is moved inside to absorb more heat.

How Long Do AC Coils Last?

AC coils have a lifespan of 15-20 years.

What Can Cause A Condenser Coil to Leak?

Leaky or faulty tubes result in condenser failure.

The condenser tubes may get punctured or may rip apart. The seals usually wear down after years of use. Remember that these parts may also fail due to an impact, resulting in a condenser coil leak.

Do Home Warranties Cover AC Coils?

Most home AC warranties cover air condenser coils. They, however, do not cover the labor needed to replace them. Be sure to get this clear before hiring a professional HVAC technician.

How much does it cost to repair condenser?

Fixing a house AC condenser can be as low as $150 to as high as $3000. The final charge will depend on the exact problem at hand.

Final Thoughts

The home AC condenser is a critical yet forgotten part of the AC system. This way, it often ends up with many problems that need repair. Even so, with age, your system will start developing issues.

The thing with an AC condenser is that if you do not fix the problem quickly, you may have to cater for more expensive repairs or replacements. Feel free to contact us whenever you realize your condenser system has issues.

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