“AC making loud noise inside unit” is a common Google search from homeowners. If you find yourself searching for this online, you most likely need professional air conditioner repair services.

Your inside AC often will make strange noises, yet it is cooling the air just fine. In this case, many people will be tempted to keep using the noisy air conditioner.

You do not want to keep living with a noisy AC unit. The noises are disturbing, and you want to fix it real quick. However, that is not even the big issue. You want to solve the malfunctioning resulting in the noise before the problem advances.

If you let it advance, it will get more severe, and you will use much more on fixing the damages.

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How to Repair an AC making loud noise inside unit

First, we would like you to know some severe issues and call for professional AC repair. However, your air conditioner could be just a minor problem that you could solve independently. You do not always need to call for HVAC repair.

So, how do you know that you need to call an HVAC technician for a noisy air conditioning unit? And, how do you know that the noise from your inside air conditioning unit is something you can solve on your own?

The answer may lie in what kind of noise your inside AC makes. Let us find out that below.

Types of Noises your AC is making and How to Solve them.

What type of noise is your inside air conditioning unit make? This is the first yardstick in determining the problem with your AC unit.

Therefore, the first thing should be to listen carefully to the loud air conditioner and see what type of noise it makes.

We discuss the noises your inside AC unit could be making and how to fix them.

Banging or Rattling Noise From AC

Often, banging noise is due to issues with the condenser. However, you may be hearing the banging noises due to other reasons such as:

  • Loose screws: Your AC unit vibrates when switching it on and off. These vibrations loosen the screws over time. You can often fix this by tightening the screws with a screwdriver.
  • Broken fan motor: Another reason your inside AC makes loud banging noises is a broken or imbalanced fan motor. Replacing the motor is delicate and costly. You, therefore, want to contact a specialist to do it for you.

Important: Never try to inspect the fan motor while the AC runs. It can result in serious harm. You are way better off calling a professional to solve this for you.

Inside AC Making Screeching and Squealing noise

Is your inside AC making a high pitched squealing noise?

Is your noisy air conditioner erupting a high-pitched screeching or squealing noise? This can be due to various reasons:

  • Faulty fan motor bearings: when you hear a metal-to-metal screeching sound, your fan bearings motor is most likely in bad shape and need replacement.
  • Broken or worn out belt: this issue is common in ducted or central air conditioners. Broken or worn-out belts can produce a squealing noise. However, if the humidity level is high, the belt can expand and contract, especially in summers. This, too, can cause unpleasant squealing noise.

You have to dial an HVAC expert to repair or replace a faulty belt.

Inside AC Making Pulsating Noise

It is ok for your AC to make slow pulsating noise. However, there is a problem if the noise is loud and rhythmic. Here are the issues that may be signaled by pulsating noise include:

  • Loose fan blades or coil: Your fan blade loosens over time. Loose fan baled is a simple fix. You need to tighten these using a screwdriver. However, if you are unsure, you may want to contact an HVAC professional.
  • A plastic base pulsating: Does a plastic base support your AC? If it is so, the motion and vibration of your AC can make the entire air conditioner unit pulsate. To fix this, consider replacing the plastic base with a wooden base. This helps reduce the vibrations that result in loud noises. This can also be done by firmly clamping the unit down on the pad and supporting it with small rubber blocks.
  • Refrigerant lines coming into contact with AC walls: There will be a pulsating noise when a refrigerant line touches the AC walls. You will need to insulate the refrigerant lines and move them from the AC walls to solve this. You will need an HVAC expert to insulate and position the lines well.

Inside AC Making Hissing Noise

Another reason to worry is if your inside air conditioner makes a hissing noise. It can almost feel like a snake is comfortable in your air conditioner.

Air conditioner making a hissing noise? It may be due to these reasons:

  • Leaking refrigerant: You will hear a hissing sound due to a refrigerant leak. The escaping of the refrigerant gas is what makes the hissing noise. This mostly happens due to damage to the refrigerant line. Over time, the lines will face wear and tear, and refrigerant leaks may occur. With matters refrigerant leaks, you have to search for emergency AC repair services near me. Do not get tempted to do any DIY because of the possible dangers involved.
  • Compressor Valve Leak: compressor valves control the pressure of the refrigerant. If there is a leak, it will also produce a hissing noise. Again, in this instance, only an HVAC expert should intervene.

Inside Air conditioner Making Clicking Noise

Note: Clicking sound at the start or end of the cooling cycle is regular. However, there is a problem if the sound does not go away or persists during the cycle.

Here are some reasons behind clicking air conditioning noises:

  • Obstruction in the AC fans or filters: You may need to clean the fans or replace the air filter if there are clicking sounds. This is often a simple home AC maintenance practice that you could schedule to perform as DIY.
  • Faulty electrical signals: Faulty electrical signals make the switches turn on and off. This causes clicking noise. Sometimes, tiny sparks come out when the switches turn and off. Turn off the air conditioning system and call an HVAC professional if you see this.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: You will have trouble turning on your air conditioner with a malfunctioning thermostat. Whenever you turn it on, you will hear soft clicking sounds. This is the sound of a relay switch transferring power to the AC. However, if there are wiring issues, the relay will continue transferring power but will fail to turn on the AC unit. If you hear these air conditioner noises, you need to call a professional.

Another possible clicking noise in your air conditioning system happens on the outdoor unit. For instance, when the capacitor cannot power the compressor, there will be clicking noise from the outdoor unit. This noise is due to the compressor trying to turn on unsuccessfully. You need to call your HVAC technician for this.

Whistling Sound Coming from the AC

Whistling is one of the common air conditioner noises. Whistling noise can feel like no problem. However, if it makes whistling noises, you need to call for repair services.

Here are some reasons your air conditioner is whistling:

  • Leaks in the AC Ducts: The central air conditioner makes a noise like someone whistles. Air leaking from the ductwork is a huge issue. It will deteriorate the air quality in the house while still multiplying your electrical bills. The solution to this is getting an air duct seal. Contact us today to seal leaky air ducts.
  • Obstruction of airflow in the air conditioning units: High internal pressure in the blower motor causes high pitch whistling noise. You will need to dial a professional to help solve this AC clicking noise.
  • Dirty air filter: Dirty air filters obstruct the air from passing through them. This makes the indoor blower fan try to force air into the unit. The air struggling to pass through the cracks of the unit produces whistling noises. 

You need to clean and change your air filters frequently to prevent such issues.

Indoor AC Unit making Humming Noise

It is usual for air conditioners to make soft humming noises. However, if they get louder, you need to get worried.

Here are the reasons why your AC could be making humming noises:

  • Poorly lubricated parts: if your motor needs lubrication, it will produce humming noise. If you keep running it, it will start producing loud grinding noises. You can lubricate your parts if you have done it before. However, if it is your first time, you may want the helping hand of your HVAC technician.
  • Contractor failure: the contractor controls the full of electricity in your air conditioning system. Contractor failure produces humming noises when the AC is powered but not turning on. This issue may develop into a loud buzzing noise if you do not call your HVAC technician to fix it immediately.
  • Bent fin coils: If you hear a humming sound, your fin coils could be bent. You can straighten these coils using a metal comb. Also, regular AC maintenance can help keep your fin coils in great shape.

Inside Air Conditioner Making buzzing noises

One of the weird noises your AC can be making is loud buzzing noises. These can signify:

  • Loose parts: Loose parts can cause vibrations while operating. This can come out as loud buzzing noises. You will need to have all parts fastened.
  • Capacitor breakdown: A malfunctioning capacitor prevents the fan from turning on. This results in a buzzing noise due to friction. You may have to repair or get a new capacitor to fix this problem.
  • Faulty motor: A faulty motor causes buzzing sounds. Also, obstructions on the copper line connecting the AC or the copper line being in contact can cause a buzzing noise. The vest solution would be to insulate the lines well to prevent the metal-to-metal contact that causes the loud noises.
  • Loose wiring: A steady buzzing AC noise is often due to loose and exposed wires. First, turn off your AC to avoid the danger of electrical sparks. Do not use the AC until an expert fixes it.
  • Freezing AC’s parts: Another reason behind a buzzing noise is when your AC’s parts’ are freezing. Freezing parts can be caused by low refrigerant levels or the thermostat set too low. You will need to consult with an HVAC technician to determine why parts of your HVAC system are freezing.

Gurgling or bubbling noise in your inside AC system

bubbling noise could mean:

  • Improper sealing of refrigerant lines: bubbling noises can mean there is a refrigerant problem. When air is trapped in the refrigerant lines can result in a gurgling noise. However, a refrigerant leak can also produce a bubbling noise and a hissing sound. The solution to this is getting a professional AC duct seal.
  • Excess moisture captured in the AC system: if you hear bubbling AC noises, chances are you have moisture build-up. Moisture build-up can be due to blockage of the condensate drain. This line is supposed to collect and get rid of moisture in your house. The moisture build-up will start making a bubbling noise if it is blocked.

Why Should You Not Neglect AC making loud noise inside unit?

When you hear loud noises from your AC system, it is trying to signal you that there is a problem. If you ignore a minor AC noise, it will become something detrimental to your system. It may start as a gentle whistling noise and quickly progress to AC unit not blowing cold air.

Another reason you have to call for professional repair services is noise issues can be dangerous. For instance, weird noises can signify a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak can be poisonous to humans. Also, it could be an issue with electrical components, which may cause electrical danger.

Also, ignoring those strange noises from the AC unit can result in costly expenses. You can always avoid these costly repairs or higher new AC installation costs when the damage completely destroys the system.

Again, proper AC maintenance can help prevent such weird noises. We encourage you to schedule AC maintenance to help keep your entire AC system in good shape. And we would be glad to give this service to you here at HVAC Santa Clarita.

AC making loud noise inside unit Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs can help you know how to handle an air conditioner making noise. With these, we hope you know what to do when you hear those weird noises. If your inquiry is not answered in these FAQs, feel free to give us a call.

Why is my air conditioner so loud inside?

There are several possible reasons why your inside AC is making strange noises. These could be:

  • leaking refrigerants,
  • loose parts and loose wires,
  • high internal pressure,
  • loose wiring,
  • debris and particles in the system,
  • dirty air filters.

Depending on the noise and professional troubleshooting, your HVAC professional will help determine and solve problems.

Is it Normal for Inside AC to make noise?

Newer air conditioners make less noise than older systems. A normally functioning air conditioner will make a sound that varies from 25-to 55 decibels(1). 25 decibels sounds like a whisper, while 55 decibels sounds like someone talking, usually next to you.

How do I stop my air conditioner from making noise?

First, you need to talk to an HVAC professional to inspect your AC system. They will ensure that all parts are working effectively and no strange noises. However, if you still do not like the typical sound coming from your inside AC, you may want to get sound blankets and muffles.

Why is my AC unit making loud noise when starting or turning off?

When turning on your AC, loud noise means that you may have a malfunctioning compressor. Be sure to call for professional AC repair when your AC is noisy when you start or turn it off.

Why Does MY air conditioner Sound like a jet engine?

A faulty compressor is why your AC sounds like a jet engine. A defective compressor sounding like an airplane is due to delivery of imprecise amperage. If you have a jet-engine sound in your AC, you need to call for professional AC repair. 

Why Does my AC sound like wind blowing? 

That whoosh sound or the wind sound from your AC is often due to dirty air filters. The obstruction of air from flowing through the air filters causes the wind-blowing sound. You need to replace your air filters if you hear the wind sound. 

Final Thoughts on AC making loud noise inside unit

It’s our time to call it a day for an inside AC unit to make a loud noise. At this point, we trust that you know what noise signifies what problem. Be it rattling, grinding, shrieking, or loud hissing noises, you know what to do.

Your first step should be to switch off your AC when you hear whatever weird noise. You should then contact a professional to troubleshoot the issues. It could be simple things such as debris and the replacement of air filters. If you know how to do this, go ahead and solve it. However, if you are unsure what you are doing, please call for professional AC repair.

HVAC Santa Clarita is more than glad to help you repair your noisy AC. Give us a call today.

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